Produced by Hoodlum Entertainment Pty Ltd

Producers: Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield
Writers: Graeme Koetsveld, Marissa Cooke, Annette Moore, Andrew Kelly
Directors: Robert Klenner, Daniel Nettheim, Nathan Mayfield

Airing: July–Oct 2003 (ABC)

The people of Fat Cow claim that, a month ago, legendary 1980s pop phenomenon Rory Toogood died in Room 13 of the Fat Cow Motel. Inquisitive young journalist, Jack Green boldly claims that it wasn't Rory Toogood who died and that he can prove it! Can you solve the mystery? (13 x 26 min)
Kate AtkinsonCassie Brown
Brendan CowellJack Green
Sally McKenzieElanor Rigby
Julie ForsythPenny Lane
Roy BillingBill Butler
Charlie KoraniasRonnie McDonald
Henrik GongsaterIan Johanssen
Johan GongsaterMartin Johanssen
Steven GrivesDennis Dreeble
Carita FarrerWilma Morrow
Iain GardinerPhil Morrow
Eugene GilfedderArthur Cassley
Catherine MillerTracey Cassley

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