Creators/Writers: John Clarke, Andrew Knight
Producer: Noel Price
Directors: Colin Budds, Mark Joffe, Noel Price, Mandy Smith

Aired: 1985-1987 (ABC)

This comedy series follows two private investigators, Bryce (Terry Bader) and Ken (Richard Healy), who run a firm known as The Excelsior Research Foundation. They generally take on simple detective work (domestic disputes, etc.) but often find themselves in trouble (mostly through their own stupidity and poor circumstances) and have Detective Sergeant Blair (Peter Hosking) or Pat (Debra Lawrance) cleaning up after them.
Terry BaderBryce
Richard HealyKen
Debra LawrancePat
Peter HoskingBlair
Bettina EijsmaSandy
Peter BrowneBob
cast photo

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