Executive Producers: Hector Crawford, Ian Crawford, Terry Stapleton

Producer: John Barningham
Associate Producer: Michael Lake
Screenplay by: Peter Yeldham
Director: George Miller

Aired: 1986 (4 hour miniseries)

Based on the novel by Nevil Shute, The Far Country is set in a beautiful secluded valley in the rugged Victorian high country. It is just after the second world war and an English girl from a sheltered background, Jennifer Morton, falls in love with Czech migrant Carl Zlinter, who is unable to practise his profession of medicine in Australia. In a land of hope, at a time of bitter resentment and hostile attitudes, the future was everything they could wish for But Carl is not all that he seems and even Jennifer is not privy to his dark secret. A secret that, when exposed, will shatter all his dreams and expectations.
Michael YorkCarl Zlinter
Sigrid ThorntonJennifer Morton
Don BarkerTom Armitage
Ilona RodgersJane Armitage
Noel TrevarthenDr. Steven Edwards
Swawomir JacksonStanislaus Shulkin
Sydney JacksonJim Forrest
Richard MossSergeant Russell
Mark FergusonHarry Peters
Greg CarrollJoe Brady
Olga DickieEthel Morton
Rosie SturgessMary Williams
Charles 'Bud' TingwellDr. Morton
Brian JamesCoronor
Brenda AddieSister
Terry BrittinghamBluey
Judith BurkeManageress
Lloyd CunninghamDoctor #2
Alan DaleDave Marshall
Peter DarbyTim
Myra De GrootDistrict Nurse
Peter DrakeGordon Tyce
Gerry DugganPat Halloran
Maureen EdwardsMrs. Morton
David FrezzaUS Sergeant
Geoffrey GrahamTed
David GraySS Officer
John HeywoodBert Hansen
Sue JonesBetty Marshall
Mark KilgourJoey Marshall
Bogdan KocaRadeck
Marion McKenzieUS Wac
Robert MorganClerk of Courts
Mark MuggeridgeJewish Prisoner
Roger OakleyImmigration Official
John ProperDoctor #3
William RoweSnowy
Bob RuggieroJuan
Klaus SchulzSS Captain
Peter SchwarzDavid
Rodney SharpBilly Slim
Ian SinclairPolice Constable
Fred SteeleUS Major
Chris StevensonNugget
James TaylorDoctor #1
Mark ZandleJeweller

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