Faraway Downs: episode guide

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The Land

Chapter 1 (46min)
Story: Baz Luhrmann
Screenplay: Baz Luhrmann & Stuart Beattie & Ronald Harwood & Richard Flanagan
Director: Baz Luhrmann

In 1939, English aristocrat Sarah Ashley crosses the world to confront her husband and sell a million-acre cattle ranch in the Australian Outback.

Note: the credits for each episode are the same so I'll just list them once

Cast (in alphabetical order):

  • Shea Adams as Carney Boy #3
  • Eddie Baroo as Bull
  • Ray Barrett as Ramsden
  • Tony Barry as Sergeant Callahan
  • Jamal Bednarz-Metallah as Mission Boy
  • Damian Bradford as Constable #1
  • Bryan Brown as King Carney
  • Nathin Art Butler as Carney Boy #1
  • Tara Carpenter as Essential Services Woman
  • Rebecca Chatfield as Magarri's Niece
  • Lillian Crombie as Bandy Legs
  • Max Cullen as Old Drunk
  • Essie Davis as Cath Carney
  • Arthur Dignam as Father Benedict
  • Michelle Dyzla as Hairdresser
  • Haidee Gaudry as Essential Services Woman
  • Sandy Gore as Gloria Carney
  • Terence Gregory as Mission Boy
  • David Gulpilil as King George
  • Jamie Gulpilil as Porter (Wharf)
  • Peter Gwynne as Lady Sarah's Butler
  • Sean Hall as Soldier (At Government House)
  • Nigel Harbach as Carney Boy #4
  • Joy Hilditch as Essential Services Woman
  • Matthew Hills as Flying Boat Steward
  • Jimmy Hong as Carney Manservant
  • Bill Hunter as Skipper (Qantas Sloop)
  • Jarwyn Irvin-Collins as Mission Boy
  • Hugh Jackman as Drover
  • Robert Jago as Military Police
  • John Jarratt as Sergeant
  • Eugene Kang as Waiter
  • Nicole Kidman as Lady Sarah Ashley
  • Jacek Koman as Ivan
  • Crusoe Kurddal as Aboriginal Tracker
  • Liam Lannigan as Mission Boy
  • Siena Larsson as Flying Boat Passenger Child
  • Nathan Lawson as Constable #2
  • Cody Lea as MIssion Boy
  • Jack Leech as Ball Guest
  • Jacob Linger as Evacuee Child
  • Charles Leung as Waiter
  • John Martin as Ball Guest
  • Mark Malabirr as Porter (Wharf)
  • Adam McMonigal as Darwin Policeman
  • Logan Mattingley as Mission Boy
  • Ben Mendelsohn as Captain Dutton
  • Dylan Minggun as Mission Boy
  • Phillippe Moon as Ball Photographer
  • Nyalik Munungurr as Mission Boy
  • Patrick Mylott as Naval Officer
  • David Ngoombujarra as Magarri
  • Barry Otto as Administrator Allsop
  • Angus Pilakui as Goolaj
  • Robin Queree as Ball Guest
  • Mark Rathbone as Stockman
  • Garry Scott as Downtown Pub Patron
  • John Sheerin as Fireman
  • Bruce Spence as Dr. Barker
  • Jack Thompson as Kipling Flynn
  • Yuen Wah as Sing Song
  • Kerry Walker as Myrtle Allsopp
  • Elaine Walker as Ball Guest
  • Brandon Walters as Nullah
  • John Walton as Carney Boy #2
  • David Wenham as Neil Fletcher
  • Matthew Whittet as Brother Frank
  • Ursula Yovich as Daisy