Executive Producers: Sue Smith, Andy Lloyd James
Producer: Geoffrey Nottage
Directors: Geoffrey Bennett, Scott Patterson, Tony Tilse
Writers: Christine McCourt, Tim Pye, Katherine Thomson, Andrew Kelly, Mary Morris,
Gina Roncoli, Peter Neale, Graeme Koetsveld, Kristen Dunphy, Rick Maier, Chris Hawkshaw

Aired: 1997 (20 x 50 min)

Fallen Angels focusses on and around a community legal centre in Endeavour Park, a fictional suburb in the sprawling outer west of Sydney. Often bad tempered, stressed, underpaid and overworked, the lawyers can be tough…and as kind as they are mean. Together they're an odd mix, funny, giving, neurotic. Make no mistake, these angels have fallen.
Garry McDonaldMalcolm Lucas
Jeremy BallWarren Harvey
Celia De BurghErica Michaels
Eszter MarosszekyAnita Malouf
Leah PurcellSharon Walker
Brian VriendsNick Swan

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