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Episode 2.01 (7)
Thu, October 26, 2017
454,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Shaun Wilson

He won a Federal election on preferences; a knife-edge victory unparalleled in this country's political history. He served the nation with distinction for a period that even his harshest critics describe as 'his only time in office'. He was just the 23rd world leader to co- chair a NATO summit since 1987. He was Australia's 5th most popular Prime Minister... Then he wasn't.

But now Ex-PM Andrew Dugdale is a political darling again thanks to his well-received autobiography (documented in series one).

Thanks to his renewed fame, Dugdale is called back into the fold to stand for election in the marginal Murray-Darling-Downs electorate. If revenge is a dish best served cold, then grab your tongs, open the chest freezer and start loading up your plate... Ex-PM Andrew Dugdale is back.

The dysfunctional Dugdale clan pack up and move into their negatively geared rural sewage farm.

Team Dugdale's first media engagement is attending the opening of an indoor beach volleyball court where Andrew finds himself surrounded by scantily clad beauties. His campaign messaging takes a hit when he spikes a ball at an innocent child.

Oh, and practising his 'dark arts', Henry has drummed up a mysterious benefactor who has just donated one million dollars to Dugdale's campaign. Nothing fishy here right?

Starring: Shaun Micallef as Dugdale, Nicki Wendt as Catherine, Kate Jenkinson as Carol, Lucy Honigman as Ellen, Nicholas Bell as Sonny, Jackson Tozer as Myles, Ming-Zhu Hii as Rita, Francis Greenslade as Curtis, John Clarke as Henry

With: Ben Anderson as Pasquale, Bob Franklin as Keith, Jim Daly as Pomfrey, Paige Draffin as Young Volleyballer, Emma Alberici as News Reader



Episode 2.02 (8)
Thu, November 02, 2017
365,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Shaun Wilson

Following the volleyball 'incident', Henry decides on a 'Small Target Strategy' for Dugdale's appearances. In a saucy local radio interview Dugdale reveals not only his penchant for Italian Ex-PMs — but an association with a billionaire energy magnate.

Local bank manager Mr Vole pleads with Andrew to help save his business and the local Nandos, which are about to be compulsorily acquired and ploughed under — to 'make way for a new forest.'

Meanwhile, Ellen confronts Sonny about the fact that billionaire energy magnate Fabian Silver is the campaign's secret benefactor.

Dugdale's visit to the local radio station results in a Celebrity Challenge to name which politician he'd 'turn gay for' — plus the public revelation that Fabian Silver's energy company is behind the construction of the controversial new national park.

When Andrew puts a call in to Henry to help protect the Nandos, billionaire Fabian Silver jumps on the first plane home from Prague to deal with the matter.

With: Vince Colosimo as Fabian Silver, Drew Tingwell as Mr Vole, Grant Piro as Bambino, Tony Rickards as Crazy Joe



Episode 2.03 (9)
Thu, November 09, 2017
???,000 viewers (24th)
Written by Gary McCaffrie
Directed by Shaun Wilson

Dugdale's poll results are dropping fast against his main rival so the team rally to make him more relatable via a Family Feud appearance, a fundraiser and a disastrous TV interview.

Henry concedes that the team need to work on Andrew's image; improving his popularity and likeability, though Ellen smartly observes it may be easier to simply smear Baggins.

Carol's eclectic upcoming PR bookings include Dugdale attending a terrifying interview with hard-line journo Virginia Trioli, an appearance on Family Feud and a visit to a local organic walnut farm.

Henry advises Dugdale to hold fundraisers so they can be seen to need money and thereby defuse the Fabian Silver story. So, Carol decides to turn the organic walnut farm visit into a family fun fundraiser. Dugdale's big speech descends into farce when Curtis takes on the role of political "nodder".

With: Virginia Trioli as Herself, Tegan Higginbotham as Floor Manager, Lee Beckhurst as Ian Cox, Alec Gilbert as Byron Pagan, Sophie Sardi as Peggy Wong, Maria Theodorakis as Denise Christian, Dinish Mathew as George Xenophon, Alec Gilbert as Tim Green [miscredit], Ron Smyck as Tung



Episode 2.04 (10)
Thu, November 16, 2017
318,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Shaun Wilson

Dugdale pays a visit to his billionaire benefactor Fabian Silver and his Man Friday, Reece, in an attempt to ease his conscience.

Silver convinces Dugdale he is merely an eccentric billionaire looking for redemption. With the unlikely assistance of Myles and Curtis, Ellen manages to steal paperwork 'treasure' from a safe in Silver's bedroom. Despite Curtis falling off the ladder and landing on a sprinkler head, the group somehow manage to get away with it.

Sonny discovers that Dugdale's sewage farm is to be compulsorily acquired for $15 million as part of Silver's project. It's definitely not a bribe… or is it now Dugdale knows?

With this vital information, the team attempt a complicated reverse-heist to sneak back into Silver's and return the documents. What could possibly go wrong?

With: Vince Colosimo as Fabian Silver, Frank Woodley as Reece, Jim Daly as Pomfrey, Syd Brisbane as Loins, Scott Brennan as Policeman, Candy Bowers as Police Prosecutor, Katerina Kotsinos as Magistrate, Tony Adams as Tipstaff, Tom Travers as Stenographer, Nick Xenophon as Prime Minister, Bob Franklin as Keith [uncredited]



Episode 2.05 (11)
Thu, November 23, 2017
Ratings: below 20th
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Shaun Wilson

With the 'McKendrick Report' out and claiming Dugdale is a war criminal — it takes a cardinal, a cookie in the image of the Virgin Mary and a riot at a deaf school to divert attention.

Bertha from the local biscuit factory, presents Catherine with a cookie miraculously shaped like the Virgin Mary. If Cardinal Bell from the Vatican will declare it an official miracle, it would really put the town on the map, drawing deep-pocketed religious tourists.

The resultant fracas at the biscuit factory leaves Henry, Catherine and Carol in an overturned taxi.

Meanwhile, Dugdale tries to hose down a local protest and causes a riot.

With the team gathered to rehearse for the upcoming town hall debate between Dugdale and Lorelei Baggins, Ellen challenges Dugdale to have some actual beliefs and policies.

With: Emily Taheny as Bertha Quigley, Ian Smith as Cardinal Bell, Ivy D'Osrogna as Nun, Drew Tingwell as Mr Vole, Tony Rickards as Crazy Joe, Aaron Gocs as Larry, Tosh Greenslade as Bob, Belinda Lack as Betty Sue, Justin Hosking as Angry Man, Georgios Goris as Philipo



Episode 2.06 (12)
Thu, November 30, 2017
322,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Shaun Wilson

It's the day of the big town hall debate! This is the key to everything the team has been working towards. Will Dugdale finally step up and say what he thinks? Or will he serve up the same empty calories the electorate is accustomed to?

Henry has kept the $15 million Chigwell sale under wraps and the team urge Dugdale to play his part and win the debate and election. He just has to not-say anything meaningful. At all. Dugdale confronts his opponent Lorelei Baggins before the debate about her campaign funding.

Meanwhile, Myles uncovers a threat against Dugdale's life, which it seems comes from an unlikely ghost from his past.

Will Dugdale finally speak his mind or forever toe family and party lines?

With: Lisa McCune as Lorelei Baggins, Barrie Cassidy as Himself, Ben Anderson as Pasquale, Tony Rickards as Crazy Joe, Emily Taheny as Bertha Quigley, Harlene Hercules as Librarian, Frank Woodley as Reece, Vince Colosimo as Fabian Silver, Matt Burton as Slob, Ted Wilson as Meth Lab Worker, Chelsea Plumley as Reporter, Lucy Honigman as Heidi Günderschlaff, Anne Fulwood as News Reader

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