Produced by Burberry Productions Pty Ltd

Created and written by: David McRobbie
Executive Producers: Ewan Burnett, Claire Henderson
Producer: Margot McDonald
Directors: Ana Kokkinos, Geoffrey Cawthorn, Moria Moss, Colin Mowbray
Composer: Cezary Skubiszewski

Filmed: January 21 – April 20, 2000
Aired: October 30 – November 15, 2000

Eugénie Sandler is an ordinary teenager who turns detective to uncover the truth about her past — why does she have a false passport and no birth certificate? A modern-day heroine, she follows in the footsteps of her private investigator father Ray, in this action-packed thriller. With the help of Warwick, a boy from school, Eugénie goes into hiding in order to track down her father. On the way they become involved in a series of one-off mysteries and Eugénie finds out she is in fact a Princess, last in line to the throne of Versovia, a decaying Soviet-styled dictatorship.
Xaris MillerEugénie Sandler
Matthew VennellWarwick Bedford
Martin JacobsDetective Matt Gurney
Brett ClimoRay Sandler
Saskia PostAngela Duvier
Alex MegletDavorin
Jasper BaggSlavomir
Luke ElliotMichail
Odette JoannidesDetective Teresa Brady

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