Embassy: episode guide


Episode 1.01
Wed, September 12, 1990

Home Duties

Episode 1.02
Thu, September 13, 1990

Marion leaves for Australia. Susan influences Mahmoud's refugee policy.

Age Of Miracles

Episode 1.03
Thu, September 20, 1990

Accused of bribery, Pestana resigns and retaliates against the man responsible.

Foreign Affairs

Episode 1.04
Thu, September 27, 1990

Belinda endangers embassy security and integrity. Stewart's daughter plans to wed a Moslem.

Chinese Puzzle

Episode 1.05
Thu, October 04, 1990

Michael is left as the Charge d'Affaires. He promptly gets himself into trouble, although not as much as Mahmoud does while in Australia. Clayton suffers by ignoring Stewart's instructions. Mahmoud meets a TV star.

A Public Service

Episode 1.06
Thu, October 11, 1990

A beauty lures Clayton to Singapore, where he must choose between personal interests and duty.

With Prejudice

Episode 1.07
Thu, October 18, 1990

Fear and prejudice engulf Ragaan, forcing Clayton to make a difficult decision.

Yesterday's Heroes

Episode 1.08
Thu, October 25, 1990

A journalist taunts alcoholic Blake nd provokes a conflict. Mahmoud schemes to retain power.

Displaced Persons

Episode 1.09
Thu, November 01, 1990

Valerie, the alcoholic wife of an Australian Defence Attache to Ragaan, becomes a problem for the Australian diplomatic community when she is taken hostage at a refugee camp, where a desperate inmate seeks admittance to Australia.

First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love

Episode 1.10
Thu, November 08, 1990

An assassination attempt halts Susan and Mahmoud's plans.

Interesting Times, Part 1

Episode 1.11
Thu, November 15, 1990

War erupts as Stewart prepares to leave Ragaan.

Interesting Times, Part 2

Episode 1.12
Thu, November 22, 1990

Opposition forces appear to overthrow Mahmoud

A New Day Dawning

Episode 2.01
Thu, May 30, 1991

The Party following an exiting oil discovery is about to end, Neighboring Mandakka has disputed Ragaan's territorial right to the oilso General Mahmoud and his military council face a dilemma.

With: Randall Berger as Charles Symes

A Human Dimension

Episode 2.02
Thu, June 06, 1991

When Michael rushes to the aid of a prisoner awaiting trial for drug trafficking, he finds him living in luxury, certain of his acquittal and furious at the Embassy's interference. Best episode and Best Achievement in direction in a television drama.

The East Wind Blows West

Episode 2.03
Thu, June 13, 1991

How You Play The Game

Episode 2.04
Thu, June 27, 1991

Duncan arranges informal talks between Mahmoud and the crown Prince of Mandakka in an attempt to negotiate an oil treaty.


Episode 2.05
Thu, July 04, 1991

The Value Of One

Episode 2.06
Thu, July 11, 1991

Hanky Panky

Episode 2.07
Thu, July 18, 1991

When the Austrade office closes down, Michael inherits the workload as well as Katut, a friendly housegirl. However, his career is threatened by a scandal when Katut claims she is pregnant with his child.

Next of Kin

Episode 2.08
Thu, July 25, 1991

Falling Coconuts

Episode 2.09
Thu, August 01, 1991

The Embassy gains a new military attache, James Peake. He and Duncan are ideologically opposed from the start, and Peake plans to get military information without going through official diplomatic channels.

Cherchez La Femme

Episode 2.10
Thu, August 08, 1991

With: Anna Volska, Jillian Murray

Love and Marriage

Episode 2.11
Thu, August 15, 1991

A Ragaani mail-order-bride is murdered by her Australian husband. In response, Mahmoud orders that no passports are to be issued to Ragaani women.

Does Anybody Know The Words?

Episode 2.12
Thu, August 22, 1991

Grace Under Pressure

Episode 2.13
Thu, August 29, 1991

With: Desmond Kelly

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Episode 3.01
Thu, May 21, 1992

The new Australian Ambassador to Ragaan, Katherine Jensen, arrives to find the Embassy in upheaval.

Divided Loyalties

Episode 3.02
Thu, May 28, 1992

Belinda's sister, Gillian arrives in Ragaan to clinch a multi-million dollar deal.

Pigs Might Fly

Episode 3.03
Thu, June 04, 1992

Terry Blake applies for a promotion to a job in Canberra.

The Blooding

Episode 3.04
Thu, June 11, 1992

Ragaan is changing with frightening speed.

Rules of Engagement

Episode 3.05
Thu, June 18, 1992

Major Abu Tali is a symbol of the new Ragaan.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Episode 3.06
Thu, June 25, 1992

The Americans are intent on re-establishing their Embassy.

Cultural Exchanges

Episode 3.07
Thu, July 02, 1992

Vince Cooper and his family have first hand experience with Ragaan's racial and religious conflicts.

Times a Changing

Episode 3.08
Thu, July 16, 1992

As Ragaan moves closer to democratic elections, an Australian business deal looks set to take off.

Man of Straw

Episode 3.09
Thu, July 23, 1992

Edward Logan a visiting Australian politician with a passion for people, has captivated Ragaan.

Crisis of Confidence

Episode 3.10
Thu, July 30, 1992

The Australian Government is considering selling arms to Ragaan's neighbour Mandakka.

Letter of The Law

Episode 3.11
Thu, August 06, 1992

Melbourne Cup celebrations in Port Victoria result in an Australian businessman being charged with public drunkenness.


Episode 3.12
Thu, August 13, 1992

The Chinese win the first local election and Michael is kidnapped by an extremist group.


Episode 3.13
Thu, August 20, 1992

Mahmoud's promised general election is drawing near and the nation is in campaign mode.