Li'l Elvis Jones: episode guide

Caught In A Trap

Episode 1

The Truckstoppers are formed and the didgibilli sound is created when WC Moore, the billionaire with flair, threatens to take over Wannapoo.


Episode 2

Li'l Elvis fools WC into believing he has made a rare archaeological discovery - a million year old bog man.

Li'l Memphis P.t.d.

Episode 3

Not even the dreaded Skull Truck can keep Mama Rig from Parent Teacher Day, but can the Truckstoppers keep Janet from leaving with her?

Wandering Star

Episode 4

Lionel puts his grandfather's yarn spinning to good use when the Truckstoppers are stranded in the desert.

I Hate My Own Birthday

Episode 5

Li'l Elvis' hates his own birthday, but this year Lionel and Janet make it a memorable one.

You Can't Buy The Playground

Episode 6

Li'L Elvis really wants to make the school football team. But there's a few things that he has to master first; kicking, running, passing…. It looks like Li'L Elvis will just never make it and it's affecting his on stage performance, which is affecting WC's wallet. So WC comes up with a brilliant idea, a remote control football that makes Li'L Elvis look like a champion. And just for insurance, WC bribes the other players to stay out of Li'L Elvis's way. Li'L Elvis learns the truth just as he's about to play the big match against the Noxious Weeds. Can he justify his place in the team?

Goondianna Smith, The Wonder Years

Episode 7

Li'l Memphis is split down the middle when Goondianna Smith and Scotty arrive to make a movie and Li'l Elvis and Lionel are cast in the leads.

Monkey Sea, Monkey Do

Episode 8

Li'L Elvis wants a pet—desperately. But his pleas for a dog, cat or highly disciplined ear wig are rejected by Grace. He's just too irresponsible. Then Li'L Elvis discovers Sea Monkeys, the perfect low maintenance pet, and only 20 dollars. Meanwhile, everyone gathers to watch Herb 'Brittle Bones' Petrankovic's latest attempt at the land speed record. When tragedy strikes, and Herb is blown sky high, Li'L Elvis is sent to buy a wreath and instead buys his Sea Monkeys. But he abandons them when he realises they're just wriggly bits of algae. He falls asleep, only to find himself somehow transported into the sea monkey world. And the Sea Monkeys are determined to make him pay for his neglect….

Bearing All

Episode 9

Li'l Elvis realises his hero, Roy Reno isn't what he's cracked up to be.

It's A Dog's Life

Episode 10

WC's control has cost Anzac, the junkyard dog, his freedom. Li'l Elvis might not be able to change his own situation yet, but there's no way he's going to let Anzac suffer the same fate.


Episode 11

WC Moore hatches his sleaziest plot yet to take control of Li'L Elvis's career. He hires reptilian lawyer, Rhonda Rorts to convince the kids of Li'l Memphis to divorce their parents. Rhonda's promises of freedom from homework and junk food diets get the kids on side and in court. Then Li'L Elvis discovers WC plans to adopt him when the trial is over. Trapped in a mine tunnel by the evil Rhonda, can Li'L Elvis get back to the trial before the judge hands down his verdict?

Duncan's Big Day Out

Episode 12

The Truckstoppers are thrown in jail by the citizen's of Greensburg, Duncan's hometown.

Fun In Acapulcolypse Now

Episode 13

Is Willard Kurtz, legendary Elvis impersonator and fry cook, Li'l Elvis' real father?


Episode 14

Li'l Elvis is abducted by the world's least competent kidnappers, all in an effort to make WC look like a hero.

Good Boy, Cruel World

Episode 15

Li'l Elvis realises it's a wonderful life when he is transported to Mooreville, a version of Li'l Memphis where he never existed.

Space Junk

Episode 16

The Truckstoppers are sent into orbit when they try to sabotage WC's Berkonium sniffer rocket.


Episode 17

Li'l Elvis meets Elbot, a robotic version of himself that's a little too real for WC Moore's liking.

Hopping Mad

Episode 18

Lionel has to lay a ghost to rest and play the pinball game of his life if he is to stop WC Moore destroying One Tree Hill.

Big Top Brouhaha - Haha

Episode 19

Li'l Elvis learns there's more to the Tingling Sisters Circus than strongmen, clowns and spitting llamas


Episode 20

Li'l Elvis befriends the world's most reclusive billionaire, ten-year-old Hubert Howes.


Episode 21

Li'l Elvis will do anything to get the Roy Reno card, including make a deal with WC Moore.

Know All

Episode 22

Li'l Elvis enlists the help of psychic prodigy Dusty Hoffman to help find evidence of WC's secret Berkonium mine.

The Good, The Bad And The Hanky

Episode 23

The sacred hanky of the King is missing and all fingers are pointing at Li'l Elvis.


Episode 24

Li'l Elvis was born to play the lead in the 50's musical Schmiko, but he never counted on having to kiss Janet.

Minors In The Mine

Episode 25

The Truckstoppers finally meet the real Ol' Man Izard, who leads them to WC's secret Berkonium mine.

The Meanie From Down Under

Episode 26

The fate of the entire town rests on Li'l Elvis shoulders as he has his final showdown with WC Moore.