Produced by Knapman Wyld Television

Created by: Steve Knapman & Kris Wyld
Producers: Steve Knapman, Kris Wyld
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Writers: Kristen Dunphy, Kris Wyld, Michael Miller, Kris Mrksa, Michelle Offen with Sherine Salama
Composer: Guy Gross
Oud performed by: Joseph Tawadros
Vocals by: Taffy Hany, Caden Feldman-Gubbay

Airied: 2007-2008, 2009, 2011 (SBS)

A 6-part mini series about the investigations of the Major Crime Squad in Metropolitan Sydney. Zane Malik at 32 is a brilliant detective whose ability to connect with people helps him solve crimes. Ambitious and driven, he has confidence, strength and intelligence. Malik is an Arab and proud of it, a devout Muslim who clashes with his immediate superior, Detective Sergeant Ray Crowley. Both men are haunted by their past failures and the damage inflicted on loved ones. Ironically, they can only overcome the past with help from each other.
Don HanyDet Zane Malik
William McInnesSgt Ray Crowley (series 1)
Susie PorterInsp Patricia Wright
Aaron Fa'aosoDet Sonny Koa
Daniela FarinacciDet Helen Callas
Renee LimConst Jung Lim
Gerald LepkowskiAgent Skeritt (series 2)
Matt NableNeil Travis (series 3)
Tasneen RocAmina Malik
Irini PappasMariam Malik
Lucy AbroonYasmeen Malik
George FayadAmir Malik

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