Driven Crazy: episode guide

Wobbly Gurgle

Episode 01
Australia: September 04, 1998

The Bourke family take time out and hit the far-flung roads of Australia in a battered old wagon. Ned learns a valuable lesson from a watery creature called the Wobbly Gurgle monster who is said to have drunk all the water from the desert.

With: Michael Bishop as Tom, Susie Dee as Meg, Grant Piro as Voice of Wobby Gurgle

The Moonies

Episode 02
September 11, 1998

When Ned’s dad decides to stop in a country town for a while, Ned has a hard time at the local school.

With: Simon Palomares as Pierre, Michael Veitch as Mr Bellows, Shannon Nunn as Blunt, Cherise Donovan as AJ, Will Szekeres as Richo, Jack Davis as Trentan, Roz Hammond as Dr Brandt, Trudy Hellier as Teacher, Daniel Smith as Boy #1, Glen Chapman as Small Tough Boy, Kaz Hall as Customer #1, Chelsea Blake as Customer #2

The Cat with No Name

Episode 03
September 18, 1998

Danni gets a job at the local Milk Bar, where she discovers that the shop cat can read.

With: Simon Palomares as Pierre, Lena Fiszman as Mrs Christopoulos, James Sherry as Ben Dover, Nathan King as Customer #1, Christy Dena as Customer #2, Tony Farrell as Customer #3, Gary Adams as Angry Customer, Stuart Baker as Sgt Cooper, Shannon Nunn as Blunt, Ian Wilmoth as Floor Manager, Luke Hura as Owner of the Dog

One Shot Toothpaste

Episode 04
September 25, 1998


With: Rhys Muldoon as Mc'Avity, Gary Down as Stein, Nadia Coreno as Mother, Tyrone Wertheim as Boy #1, Christopher Murphy as Boy #2, Cameron Green as Boy


Episode 05
October 02, 1998

Ned and Danni spend some time with great-grandpa Bourke on his farm.

With: Fred Whitlock as Great Grandpa, Terry Norris as Gentleman Bowler #1, Robin Cuming as Gentleman Bowler #2, Paulene Terry-Bietz as Lady Bowler, Malcolm Sim as Bus Driver, Les Toth as Cinema Manager, Richard Young as Cinema Patron #1, Jane Allsop as Cinema Patron #2, Chris Bidlo as Cinema Patron #3

Listen Ear

Episode 06
October 09, 1998

When Ned disobeys his grandfather, he is tormented by a most unusual visitor—a giant, pink, fleshy ear.

With: John Bluthal as Great Grandpa, Carolyn Dunell as Cheryl, Richie Akers as Man in Television, Joel Cooper as Boy in Horror Movie

Lame Excuses

Episode 07
October 16, 1998


With: Bruce Alexander as Dermot, Alan Brough as Dr Ivorson, Thomas Blackburn as Roley Jenkins, Louise Siverson as Daisy, Sally Cooper as Millie, Kevin Harrington as Joss, Brett Swain as Fred, Brendan O'Connor as Frank, Jenny Seedsman as Jean

Liquid Zombies

Episode 08
October 23, 1998

Fitting in at a new school is never easy, but Danni’s life becomes a misery when a teacher teams her up with a trio of surfing girls for a documentary project on surfing.

With: Rhona Rees as Silk, Katie Campbell as Kez, Elizabeth James as Lou, Alan Hopgood as Mr Tuck, Esme Melville as Mrs Trapp, Scott Wason as Tommo, Michael Barallon as Crunch, Myles Collins as Teacher, Andrew McPhee as Tow Truck Driver

Love Bug

Episode 09
October 30, 1998

Danni is consumed with jealousy when her classmate discovers a new species of beetle.

With: Ebonnie Masini as Sabine, Reuben Liversidge as Ralph, Katie Campbell as Kez, Rhona Rees as Silk, Elizabeth James as Lou, Michael Barallon as Crunch, Josephine Keen as Miss Corman, Nicholas Bell as Principal, Rachel Kane as TV Journalist

Barely There

Episode 10
November 06, 1998


With: Julia Blake as Miss Baker, Fiona Corke as Rhonda, Marcia Ferguson as Nurse, Chris Bildo as Tattoo man, Nicholas Colla as Luke, Mitchell McInerney as Peter, Ryan Glerum as Paul, Tim Rosen as John, Paul Cheyne as Matthew, Lachlan Smith as Boy #1, Matthew Jewell as Boy #2

Wake Up to Yourself

Episode 11
November 13, 1998

Forced to survive a flood on their own, Ned and Dannie discover how much their friendship really means.

With: Nikita Plummer as Spider, Steven Redmond as Possum, Lilikoi Olsen as Bridget, Melanie Olsen as Sophie, Justine Vassilious as Rhianna, Carl Lennie as Jake, Henry Bell as Nelson, Stephen Dower as Kestrel, Val Levkowicz as Mrs McGillicuddy, Emma Strand as Ellen, Suzanne Barr as Mrs Gomer


Episode 12
November 20, 1998

Danni uncovers a dark family secret when she sleeps over at a friend’s house.

With: Emily Jay as Louise, Maggie Dence as Granny Rose, Drew Forsythe as Sidney Drayton Mousechap, Fiona Corke as Rhonda, Katy Brinson as Meryl, Val Levkowicz as Mrs McGillicuddy

Too Many Rabbits

Episode 13
November 27, 1998

The Bourkes move into Rhona’s house and Ned is promised a pet. But he gets much more than he bargained for when he takes Fluffy the rabbit home.

With: Fiona Corke as Rhonda, Frank Gallacher as Morris