Written by: Caroline Ahern and Peter Herbert
Directed by: Caroline Ahern

Aired: 2002 (6 x 30 min)

Dossa and Joe is the wry tale of a working class couple, married for 40 years and living in a comfortable Australian suburb—two people who have spent their entire lives together without ever actually knowing each other. On Joe's retirement from the factory he has worked in for four decades, he and his wife find themselves drifting into discontent. Dossa insists they visit a marriage counsellor and so begins a series of visits to the therapist's sofa.
Anne CharlestonDossa Bailey
Michael CatonJoe Bailey
Ryan JohnsonBobby Bailey
Jeannie DrynanVanessa
Robert BruningBig Sean
Donal FordeChook
Darren GilshenanWayne
Anne Charleston and Michael Caton