Produced by Media World Productions

Created by: Doug Macleod, Colin South & John Tatoulis
Executive Producers: Colin South, Jo Horsburgh, Emma Fitzimons
Producers: Colin South & Ross Hutchins
Associate Producer: Judy Malmgren
Writers: Doug Macleod, Phillip Dalkin
Original music: Yuri Worontschak
Director: Aaron Davies

Airing: 2007, 2012 (Nine)

On the voyage from Old Earth to New Earth, a freak accident causes the Dogstar, a giant space ark containing all of the world's dogs to become lost to mankind. On New Earth, the evil Bob Santino gleefully mass-produces robotic dogs for the canine-deprived populace. But the Clark kids, three members of your average twenty-sixth century family, miss their real dog Hobart and embark on a journey to find the Dogstar - with Bob in hot pursuit.
Starringas the voice of
Brandon BurnsGlenn Clark
Kate McLennanSimone Clark
Emma LeonardLincoln Clark
Roslyn OadesGemma Clark
Beverley DunnGran
Henry MaasBob Santino
Marg DowneyGreta Clark, Daina Macarena, Alice
Matt TilleyZeke
Simone RayDino Santino
Matthew KingHank, Planet Man
Gary FilesRamon Ridley
Michael VeitchMark Clark
Shaun MicallefNarrator

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