The Doctor Blake Mysteries: episode guide

A Lethal Combination


Episode 5.01 (37)
Sun, September 17, 2017
772,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Paul Oliver
Directed by Ian Barry

Doctor Lucien Blake and his long-suffering housekeeper and confidant Jean Beazley face a new future together in a new season, full of possibility… but life has a few more surprises in store for the both of them. Once again they'll be confronted by murder and mystery at every turn. From the boxing ring to a new French bistro, from an exotic camp of travelling Romani gypsies to the local Debutante Ball… Ballarat is slowly changing.

And amongst all of this, loyalties will be tested, friendships will be strained and faith will be challenged. Will Blake and Jean finally find the happiness they so richly deserve? Is Charlie ready for more responsibility at the Station? How will Rose work with two generations of the Tynemans? And who is the avenging nemesis from the past?

Doctor Blake is ready to solve a series of strange and shocking crimes. But he's about to discover that each and every one of his actions has consequences. And no good deed ever goes unpunished…

In the first episode, an exhibition boxing match in Ballarat turns sour when one of the boxers is seemingly beaten to death in front of hundreds of witnesses. Now Blake must try and determine a cause of death, even as all eyes turn to the boxer's seemingly unscrupulous opponent… Charlie's younger brother Ray.

Starring: Craig McLachlan as Doctor Lucien Blake, Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley, Charlie Cousins as Senior Sergeant Charlie Davis, Anna McGahan as Rose Anderson, Belinda McClory as Alice Harvey, Joel Tobeck as Chief Superintendant Matthew Lawson

With: John Waters as Bernie Thompson, David Whiteley as Bill Hobart, Ethan Panizza as Ray Davis, Anne Wood as Shirley Davis, Steve Adams as Gus Jansons, Greg Fryer as Lou Dixon, Ellie Gangitano as Tracey Corelli, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Troy Coward as Mickey Ellis, Peter Rossi as Sean Flanagan, Rob Capovilla as King Connolly, Jason Buckley as Compere, Shane Byrne as Referee

Sorrow Songs


Episode 5.02 (38)
Sun, September 24, 2017
734,000 viewers (6th)
Written by David Hannam
Directed by Ian Barry

The murder of a beautiful gypsy woman takes Blake inside the intriguing and exotic world of Romani travellers passing through Ballarat. Part of a different world, deeply misunderstood… or are they?

After all, at Edward Tyneman's request The Courier has been publishing stories on a series of thefts in town that just so happen to coincide with their arrival. And Rose is the one who has discovered the victim's body. Just why was she there so late at the camp that night, taking photographs of a 'gypo wedding'?

So even as Blake tries to win their trust during his investigation, he will be constantly met with suspicion and oftentimes-outright hostility. If the Romani cannot trust the police, why should they trust the Police Surgeon?

And Lawson, newly restored to his position as Chief Superintendent at the Station, will begin to realise how limited his involvement will be in the field from this point onward. He's going to learn how to do this job all over again, in an entirely different way to how he was previously accustomed.

As always Jean will help Lucien in his investigation, asking the right questions, providing comfort when and how she can… all of which coincides with this new relationship dynamic between the two of them. Yes, there has always been rumours in town about the Doctor and his 'housekeeper', but Jean always knew the truth — that it was all just idle gossip. But now… things have changed. Desire and propriety rear their ugly heads, forcing Jean to truly wrestle with the implications for her faith.

With: John Wood as Patrick Tyneman, David Whiteley as Bill Hobart, Lee Beckhurst as Edward Tyneman, John Orcsik as Alexandru Draghici, Fletcher Humphrys as Dean Charles, Nicole Chamoun as Afina Draghici, Jackson Gallagher as Tamas Lupei, Nicolette Minster as Libby Charles, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Tatiana Quaresma as Nadya Draghici, Jordan Rif'at as Istvan Bako, Vardos as Gypsy Band

The Call of The Void


Episode 5.03 (39)
Sun, October 01, 2017
731,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Victoria Madden
Directed by Alister Grierson

When a French chef is found murdered in the freezer of a restaurant the night after an impromptu police raid, Bill Hobart quickly finds himself becoming the chief suspect in the case — especially when it appears the victim, Phillipe, has probably been beaten to death, and Hobart himself admits to dealing out some punishment during the raid. What could possibly have driven Hobart to resort to this kind of violence? What was the point of his late night raid?

As Doctor Blake waits for the body to thaw, the police soon discover that Phillipe has for some time been the victim of the local rumour-mill; gossip about his sexuality and the true nature of his relationship with the owner of the restaurant, Henry, has run rampant. Henry has only recently returned to Ballarat after many years abroad. When he as good as admits during his police interview that he and Phillipe were lovers, Lawson and Charlie are faced with the fact that homophobia looks to be the obvious motive.

And amidst all of this Jean too will also be subjected to local gossip about the propriety of her evolving relationship with Blake — gossip that Lucien, as always, seems to be blissfully unaware of.

Things quickly go from bad to worse when Blake's autopsy findings seem to only further incriminate Hobart, who is suspended from duty after admitting he went back to Henry and Phillipe's house that night. Could one of Lawson's own be guilty of murder? And just how hard does Charlie look into the wrongdoings of his fellow officer, after Hobart so recently did all he could to protect Charlie's brother during a similar murder investigation?

With: David Whiteley as Bill Hobart, Felix Nobis as Henry Dent, Kate Cole as Barbara Cornish, Soren Jensen as Wayne Robinson, Ruby Duncan as Tilly Robinson, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Andrea McCannon as Victoria, Nicole Melloy as Grace, Jean-Philippe Heon as Phillipe Noah, Brenda Palmer as Mrs. Wilson, Freya List as Nurse, Adam Hudson as Kitchen Staff 1, Andrea Montefusco as Kitchen Staff 2

All She Leaves Behind


Episode 5.04 (40)
Sun, October 08, 2017
793,000 viewers (12th)
Written by Stuart Page
Directed by Alister Grierson

Controversial writer Patricia Neville has finally returned to her old hometown, armed with a new novel that promises to excoriate Ballarat and it's many inhabitants — as evidenced by a book reading at the local library that quickly devolves into violence and chaos. But when she's found dead the next morning with her sister Eve unconscious beside her, seemingly part of some murder-suicide pact, Blake has to search out some truths about the place in order to understand how and why the woman died.

Blake will quickly discover all is not as it seems. Eve is a devout Catholic — so why would she try to commit the mortal sin of suicide? Why does Patricia's publisher, Angus Reed, seem so emotionally unaffected by his most successful client's murder? Who is the man who drunkenly interrupted Patricia's book reading, and swore she'd 'get hers' sooner or later? And if both sisters ingested poison, then how was it administered? There's no trace of it in the house…

As he investigates, Blake will butt heads with Charlie, who has been tasked with additional responsibility and authority by Lawson, seemingly as some kind of test. Is Charlie ready to show he has what it takes to one day take the reins at this Station?

Blake will come face to face with the Neville's horrible family legacy, a curse he can do nothing to lift. He'll turn to the whole 'family' to try and decode Patricia's mysterious final novel, and its web of intricately drawn characters.

And for the first time he and Jean will be forced to confront the fact that the road towards their impending nuptials may not be as straightforward as they'd initially hoped.

With: Richard Cawthorne as Angus Reed, David Whiteley as Bill Hobart, Nick Farnell as Father Emery, Andrew Curry as Maxwell Porter, Natalie O'Donnell as Eve Neville, Mark Constable as Karl Gorman, Angela Kennedy as Patricia Neville, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Alexandra Aldrich as Andrea Kreuzfeldt, Jane Menze as Woman 1, Elizabeth Gray as Woman 2, Alanna Salt as Secretary

Measure Twice


Episode 5.05 (41)
Sun, October 15, 2017
862,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Paul Jenner
Directed by Daina Reid

When Blake is called to investigate the murder of a retired carpenter, his only real suspect is a young Jehovah's Witness, discovered praying over the body and covered in blood. The boy is interviewed, and despite his earnest pleas of innocence, there is definitely something unnerving about him… some secret he won't reveal to the police, or to Blake.

As Blake delves further into the dead man's life he will discover a web of complicated familial relationships, an attention to detail and his craft that borders on the obsessive, and trace evidence which eventually leads him and Charlie to a Café being used as a front for a high stakes local card game.

It will all serve to bring into the light Lawson's own complicated family history with gambling, a factor that can't help but derail his focus on this case. How can he possibly remain objective on a case with so many eerie parallels to his own past?

And when the investigation begins shining a spotlight onto religion, several of those closest to the Doctor, in particular Rose, start to experience their own crises of faith. For the first time her laser-sharp focus on pursuing a story falls by the wayside, when it appears she may have accidentally fallen pregnant… to Charlie!

As always Jean's knowledge of the town and its inhabitants will prove invaluable to Blake's deductive process. But she can't help but be distracted by the multitude of complications suddenly surrounding her own future with Blake. And there's that strange feeling that perhaps she's being watched…

With: Matt Parkinson as Harry Lynch, Emily Taheny as Audrey Young, Nick Farnell as Father Emery, Matt Testro as Ethan Young, John Lloyd Fillingham as Percy Walker, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Connor Crawford as Trent Bowman, Jem Nicholas as Florence Bowman, Peter Roberts as Vern Armstrong, Ana Della Rocca as Housewife, Robert Plazek as Surgeon

First Dance


Episode 5.06 (42)
Sun, October 22, 2017
944,000 viewers (4th)
Written by Eloise Healey
Directed by Daina Reid

When a teenage girl dies at her Debutante Ball, Blake does his best to investigate despite being housebound as he recovers from being stabbed weeks before.

It quickly becomes apparent the victim, Charlotte Worthington, was not only murdered but had recently suffered physical abuse and was self-harming. As the only daughter of the domineering school principal, Charlotte has long suffered the taunts and teasing of the more popular girls at her school, Sally and Christine.

So why on earth was she being partnered to the Deb Ball by Sally's ex-boyfriend? Why did none of the teachers at Wendouree Grammar ever do anything to stop her ongoing bullying? And what 'big surprise' did Charlotte have planned for the assembled crowd at the dance, before her untimely demise?

Rose, who had been covering the Debutante Ball for the newspaper, aids Blake in his search for the killer. But she soon finds herself becoming increasingly emotionally invested in the case.

The case and Blake's recent close call with death makes him confront his own tendency for self-obsession and how it impacts his relationship with Jean. But will it be enough to help him find Charlotte's killer?

And what will Jean do when she discovers that despite assuring her that he would consult her about any decisions that could affect his messy divorce, Blake has decided to take matters into his own hands?

With: John Wood as Patrick Tyneman, Greg Stone as Robert Worthington, Elise Jansen as Kim Fox, Molly Daniels as Sally Murphy, Jesse Luyton as Dave Reddan, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Kim Lewis as Margaret Reddan, Georgia Eyers as Christine Pryor, Heidi Arena as Helen Murphy, Mackenzie Curtis as Charlotte Worthington, Jayden Course as James Young

A Good Drop


Episode 5.07 (43)
Sun, October 29, 2017
902,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Paul Jenner
Directed by Fiona Banks

It's the week before Christmas, and Blake has been called upon to investigate the murder of a local farmer shot to death at point blank range after what appears to be a deliberately lit fire on his land.

But is it actually his land? Because Edward Tyneman claims to have purchased the dead man's farm, which promises to one day soon become the first vineyards in Ballarat. He'd even taken Rose out there the day before (under the false pretext of pursuing a story), hoping that his latest acquisition may somehow impress her.

Blake and Charlie will soon find a tangled web of dodgy land deals, old grudges, frustrated ambition and familial intrigue. Amidst all this a familiar face suddenly arrives back in Ballarat — could he have something to do with this case?

As the police dutifully follow the chain of evidence, Blake, as always, will trust his instincts and follow his gut. But this time those instincts, and a series of disastrous spur of the moment decisions, will lead him horribly astray. It will not only bring his official role as Police Surgeon into question, but also threaten to fracture Lucien's relationship with his old friend Lawson completely.

And then, when it seems things couldn't get any worse, Blake's divorce proceedings are suddenly made very, very public, leaving Lucien and Jean to cope with the fallout. Has Rose betrayed Jean's confidence in pursuit of yet another story? And can Blake solve this case even as both his professional and his private life falls apart?

With: Craig Hall as William Munro, Gary Sweet as Norman Baker, John Wood as Patrick Tyneman, Lee Beckhurst as Edward Tyneman, Nick Farnell as Father Emery, Ian Rooney as Cec Drury, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Jasper Foley as Kevin Fitzpatrick, Judith Chaplin as Eileen Fitzpatrick, Peter Houghton as Lionel Taylor, Frank Lotito as Angelo Colonna, Linda Jean Bruno as Carmella Colonna, Tim Clarke as Daryl Fitzpatrick, Kath Gordon as Mary, Karenza Stevens as Peg

Note: Gary Sweet reprises his role from episode 3.07

Hear The Angels Sing


Episode 5.08 (43)
Sun, November 05, 2017
885,000 viewers (3rd)
Written by Stuart Page
Directed by Fiona Banks

Ballarat is thrown into chaos when a young policeman is found brutally murdered overnight in the station, his neck broken, files and paperwork strewn all over the office.

It emerges that the victim had been due to give evidence at a police corruption enquiry, about money being paid under the table by a notorious Melbourne crim named Walter Gregan. And, at that time, the head of the station being bribed? None other than William Munro. Who has just now returned to Ballarat… for redemption? Or is he here for revenge?

Blake doggedly pursues Munro, that same old animosity there between them. Munro is incredulous that after that scandalous report in the newspapers that Blake still somehow has a job. And Blake thinks Munro's return can't just be a coincidence. Munro claims he's there following Walter Gregan — whose old flame has just recently started dating the victim. Whether Blake believes that is another story.

But Munro isn't the only person in Melbourne who heard about that story, about Blake's drunken antics on the job. And Edward Tyneman won't rest until Blake is officially charged for assaulting him in front of his staff at The Courier. The consequences of Lucien's actions are finally about to catch up with him, and he has no one to blame but himself.

The reappearance of an old enemy, the excommunication of Jean from her church, and the very public revelations of Blake's drinking: all of these obstacles Lucien must fight to overcome if he's going to catch a killer and somehow make things right with Jean.

With: Craig Hall as William Munro, Gary Sweet as Norman Baker, Annie Jones as Billie Bentley, John Wood as Patrick Tyneman, Lee Beckhurst as Edward Tyneman, Nick Farnell as Father Emery, David Whiteley as Bill Hobart, Ian Rooney as Cec Drury, Timothy Quabba as Ned Simmons, Thomas Ersatz [Tom Budge] as Walter Gregan, Jessica Stanley as Amy Kingham, Perri Cummins as Edith Simmons, Joel Davis as Tough Looking Guy, Belinda Wilson as Woman in Police Station, Bryce Haroy as Stunt Actor, Paul Rochford as Stunt Actor

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