Produced by Blackfella Films

Executive Producers: Sue Masters
Producers: Darren Dale, Miranda Dear
Writers: Kris Wyld, Kym Goldsworthy
Director: Shawn Seet

Airing: October 2016

When the body of a young man is found in a beachfront apartment in Bondi, Detectives Tori Lustigman and Nick Manning are assigned the case. They begin to uncover mounting evidence to suggest the killing is connected to a spate of unexplained deaths, "suicides" and disappearances throughout the 80s and 90s. Is this the result of shoddy police work, indifference, or something far more sinister? Haunted by the disappearance of her teenage brother, Tori's fascination with the case soon turns to fixation. And when more ritualistic murders occur with the same bizarre signature, Tori and Nick will need to put their relationships, their careers and their lives on the line to finally reveal the truth. (4x55min)
Noah TaylorNick Manning
Yael StoneTori Lustigman
Jeremy Lindsay TaylorOscar Taylor
Danielle CormackBrenda Lopez
Ben OxenbouldChris Toohey
Dan SpielmanRhys Callahan
Craig McLachlanKyle 'Hammers' Hampton
William McInnesInspector Peel

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