Produced by SLR Productions Pty Ltd and Yoram Gross EM.TV

Executive Producers: Suzanne Ryan, Geoff Watson
Producer: Suzanne Ryan
Director: David Evans
Writers: Jutta Goetze, Jacqueline Turnure, Peter Neale, Andrew Kelly, Gina Roncolli

Aired: 2006 (Nine)

It's hard work being twelve years old, looking after your mother - who has just turned two. It's frustrating being a foster child in search of your family with only an old skin cream label to go on. And it's DEADLY knowing that you were responsible for releasing the mutant seeds of eternity threatening everything you know! Based on the best selling book series by Australia's top two children's authors Morris Gleitzman and Paul Jennings. (13 x 24 minute)
Starringas the voice of
Sarah Aubrey..
Michelle Doake..
Rachel King ..

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