Produced by Every Cloud Productions

Producer: Belinda Mravicic
Story Producer: Mike Jones
Executive Producers: Fiona Eagger, Deb Cox
ABC Executive Producers: Sally Riley, Que Minh Luu
Writer and Director: Billie Pleffer
Mentor Director: Tony Tilse

Released: July 20, 2018 (ABC iView)

A clandestine 'tunnel party' in the depths of the hinterland draws kids from all over the area with the usual fare of sex, drugs and thumping music, but mostly with the lure of a spectacular stunt — that then goes awesomely awry. As fire spreads through the bush, cops descend, and teens flee onto the dark roads in panic, the crash that follows becomes the transformative event that drives the main characters and the mystery of the show. The crash is an end point for some and a catalyst for others, forging new alliances and triggering events that transform their lives and the idyllic town. (5x12min)
Luca SardelisSadie
Bijou Gracie HenryLaila
Thomas WeatherallAero
Amit PalaZai
Michael PhilippouJed

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