Deadline Gallipoli: episode guide

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Part 1

Sunday, April 19, 2015 (8:30 - 10:30)
Written by Jacqueline Perske, Shaun Grant
Directed by Michael Rymer

Three journalists, Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead Bartlett and Phillip Schuler, arrive at Gallipoli with the invading British and Allied troops in 1915. They will report the war but are prevented from getting out the true story of an unfolding disaster.

From encampment in Cairo to Anzac Cove to the evacuation, this is the story of journalists who will not accept that truth be the first casualty. This is the story of the men who will not shut up. The actions of these men will help change the course of the campaign, ensure that a strategic disaster becomes a legend of human heroism, and leave an impregnable mark on each of their lives.


  • Sam Worthington as Phillip Schuler
  • Hugh Dancy as Ellis Ashmead Bartlett
  • Joel Jackson as Charles Bean
  • Charles Dance as Sir Ian Hamilton
  • Rachel Griffiths as Lady Hamilton
  • Bryan Brown as General Bridges
  • Anna Torv as Gwendoline Churchill
  • Jessica De Gouw as Vera Grant
  • James Fraser as Arthur Bazley
  • Justin Smith as Lester Lawrence
  • Dan Wyllie as Captain Frank Elliot
  • Mark Brady as Terry Sutton
  • Benedict Hardie as Nigel Sutton
  • Luke Ford as Charlie Hodson
  • Aaron Glenane as Stan Phipps
  • Dylan Young as Percy Cooper
  • Martin Jacobs as General Braithwaite
  • John Bell as Lord Kitchener
  • Marco Chiappi as Henry Nevinson
  • Paul Blackwell as Malcolm Ross
  • Laurence Boxhall as Jimmy Paradise
  • Simon Maiden as Winston Churchill
  • Robert Rabiah as Mehmet
  • Charles Mayer as Jack Churchill
  • Yalin Ozucelik as Prince Sebaeddin
  • Brett Molloy as Ray
  • Alastair Osment as Melvyn
  • Derik Lynch as Arthur
  • Christopher Connelly as Old Soldier
  • Nick Pelomis as Michaelis
  • Josh Saks as Doctor Mathieson
  • Dan O'Grady as Captain Maxwell
  • Tom Russell as Tom the Midshipman
  • Arielle Thomas as Nonie
  • Shaun Grant as Gun-Pointing Soldier
  • Agani Gecmez as Nesu
  • Rachael Wegener as Sad Egyptian Woman
  • Mark Ferguson as Party Pianist
  • Brendan Rock as Military Policeman
  • Genevieve Mooy as Lady Churchill
  • Joanne Hartstone as Clementine Churchill
  • Ruby Piper as Diana Churchill
  • Rhys Mitchell as William Perry
  • Patrick Frost as Chaplain
  • David Hirst as Telegraph Clerk
  • Matt Crook as Gully Soldier
  • Wade Lindstrom as Young Solder
  • Stephane Avril as French Soldier
  • Vince Fusco as Trooper
  • Stavros Vratis as Turkish Farmer
  • Robert Bell as Dead Soldier
  • Sebastian Freeman as Stand-in
  • Alexandra Schulze as Stand-In
  • Stunt Performers:
  • Dean Bennett
  • Robbie Clissold
  • Kim Fardy
  • Liam Gherlenda
  • Caleb Guinery
  • Garreth Hadfield
  • Nathan Lawson
  • Steve Murdoch
  • Daniel Nelson
  • Warwick Sadler
  • Yasca Sinigaglia
  • Ben Toyer