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Episode 1.04

Wed, August 15, 2018
Written by Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt
Directed by David Caesar

As Grace closes in on Corey Baxter, she makes a terrible discovery that could destroy her unlikely friendship with Charlie.

As Grace and Charlie investigate their second murder in a week, they come to blows over which course to take. Despite all the physical evidence pointing to Corey Baxter being involved, Grace can’t ignore her intuition. Something doesn’t add up and she’s not sure why.

Meanwhile, Corey Baxter races towards the Queensland border, with Claire (Brooke Satchwell) and her son as hostages. Desperate to escape, Claire hatches a plan to bring Corey to his knees. Despite Charlie’s frustrations, Grace continues on her independent line of investigation, making a shocking discovery that Charlie refuses to hear. As word gets out Corey has held up a petrol station north of the city, Grace’s instinct speaks again, telling her it’s a decoy. With tension between them at an all-time high, Grace and Charlie go against orders and follow their gut.

Will they finally go head-to-head with the killer who has eluded them for so long?


  • Rachel Griffiths as Grace Gibbs
  • Yoson An as Charlie Fung
  • Mojean Aria as Mani Dalir
  • Ian Meadows as Corey Baxter
  • Rhys Muldoon as Richard
  • Anna Samson as Anna Jamison
  • Xana Tang as Bo-Lin
  • Brooke Satchwell as Claire
  • Matt Nable as Matt O'Reilly
  • Sara West as Leah Baxter
  • Aldo Mignone as Eduardo Torres
  • Sarah Thamin as Mary Ho
  • Tessa De Josselin as Jess Roberts
  • Annie Maynard as Penny Weir
  • Shameer Birges as Marco Varma
  • Tahki Saul as Tommy Mekk
  • Tony Cogin as Ian Jamison
  • Briony Williams as Dr Harriet Pierce
  • Karen Pang as Mrs Fung
  • Jon-Claire Lee as Mr Fung
  • Ines English as Bianca
  • Memu Conteh as Lara
  • Julia Savage as Edie O'Reilly
  • Jude Hyland as Toby Diago
  • Ryan Kearns as Rob Singleton
  • Belinda Small as Jogger
  • Divya Vaman as Forensic Officer
  • Aidan Gillett as Stunt Performer
  • Jordan Le Goueff as Stunt Performer
  • Julie McVie as Stunt Performer
  • Talayna Moana Nikora as Stunt Performer
  • Paul Pederson as Stunt Performer
  • Ben Toyer as Stunt Performer
  • Gordon Waddell as Stunt Performer
  • Jono Wong as Stunt Performer