Dead Lucky: episode guide

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Episode 1.01

Wed, July 25, 2018 (SBS, 9:30)
Written by Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt
Directed by David Caesar

When an armed robbery at a convenience store reveals a renowned cop killer is back in Sydney, Detective Sergeant Grace Gibbs (Rachel Griffiths) has the chance to finally catch her colleague’s murderer.

Detective Grace Gibbs is determined to catch notorious killer and armed robber, Corey Baxter (Ian Meadows) who murdered her junior officer a year ago. Grace has been left guilt-ridden and angry, her marriage in tatters, her career in jeopardy and in enforced anger-management at her inner-city cop shop. When Baxter returns to hold up a convenience store, Grace meets the shop assistant, Mani Dalir (Mojean Aria), an Iranian international student who has been terrorized by Baxter but has luckily escaped his bullet. Although clearly shaken, Mani is determined not to let Corey’s violent treatment of him get in the way of his dream of a happy future in Australia with his Chinese girlfriend, Bo-Lin (Xana Tang).

As Grace begins to track Baxter, her short fuse is tested when she’s allocated a junior detective to train — Charlie Fung (Yoson An). Charlie was a close friend of Lincoln’s (Lincoln Younes) and blames Grace for Lincoln’s death, so their partnership is off to a terrible start. Meanwhile, across town, Mani’s corrupt bosses conspire to buy a gun to protect their business. When the store is robbed again, this time with fatal consequences, Grace and Charlie discover that Corey Baxter may not be the only killer at large in the city…


  • Rachel Griffiths as Grace Gibbs
  • Yoson An as Charlie Fung
  • Mojean Aria as Mani Dalir
  • Ian Meadows as Corey Baxter
  • Rhys Muldoon as Richard
  • Anna Samson as Anna Jamison
  • Xana Tang as Bo-Lin
  • Simon Burke as Tony Hodge
  • Justine Clarke as Erica Hodge
  • Matt Nable as Matt O'Reilly
  • Karen Pang as Mrs Fung
  • Jon-Claire Lee as Mr Fung
  • Valerie Bader as Sandra Clove
  • Tony Cogin as Ian Jamison
  • Belinda Jombwe as Jade
  • Susana Downes as Emily Tran
  • Thomas Filer as Dan Palmer
  • Joy Lin as Jun Tan
  • Julia Savage as Edie O'Reilly
  • Sara West as Leah Baxter
  • Aldo Mignone as Eduardo Torres
  • Sarah Thamin as Mary Ho
  • Tessa De Josselin as Jess Roberts
  • Annie Maynard as Penny Weir
  • Natalie Saleeba as Imogen Lander
  • Lincoln Younes as Lincoln Tassoni
  • Brad McMurray as Ivan Milski
  • Shameer Birges as Marco Varma
  • Damien Dubois as Hooded Student
  • Daniel Ingram as Car Owner
  • Madeleine Lui as Bo-Lin Violin Double
  • Marleen Broekmans as Jess Cello Double
  • Ben Toyer as Lincoln Stunt Double
  • Paul Doyle as Corey Stunt Double
  • Jono Wong as Charlie Stunt Double
  • Julie McVie as Grace Stunt Double