A Southern Star John Edwards production

Creator/Producer: John Edwards
Executive Producers: Kim Vecera, Hugh Marks
Co-Producer: Imogen Banks
Directors: David Caesar, Shawn Seet
Writers: Fiona Seres, David Caesar, David Michod, Brendan Cowell

Filmed: Sept 11 - Nov 3, 2006
Aired: Jan 16 - March 06, 2007 (Fox8)

"Dangerous is an explosive action series, a 'Romeo and Juliet' story with a tale of forbidden love, set against the culturally diverse backgrounds of western suburbs street crime and the affluence of Sydney's eastern suburbs. The eight-part, one-hour series will break new ground for Australian drama, exploring youth culture like never before, including taboo subjects including the underground world of drag racing and ram-raiding."
Khan ChittendenDean
Brooke SatchwellDonna McCarthy
Paul Pantano Joe
Nicole Da SilvaEC
Vico ThaiRiz
Jack FinstererNathan Walsh
Steve RodgersBrendan
Katie WallEsther
Robert MammoneCraig Lukevic
Joel EdgertonDetective Mark Field
cast photo

"Set The Record Straight"
Performed by Fast Crew
Written by D Rumble, J Kent-Johnston, B Devcich
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