Creative/Executive Producer: Jonathan M Shiff and Daniel Scharf
Executive Producers: Jonathan M Shiff and Kay Ben-M'rad
Directors: Mark DeFriest and Michael Carson
Story Editors: Michael Joshua and Estelle Hughes
Music: Garry Mcdonald & Lawrence Stone

Aired: 2001 (26 episodes)

A renegade human prototype Cybergirl crash-lands on Earth to explore the humanity on which she is partly modelled. She takes refuge with fourteen-year-old Jackson Campbell and his bemused father Hugh, who welcome into their family this young stranger with such astonishing powers. Desperate to experience life in the glorious metropolis of River City, Cybergirl assumes a human identity as Jackson's cousin Ashley, and so begins her exploration of the challenges and excitement of life as a teenage girl.
Ania StepienAshley / Cybergirl
Craig HornerJackson Campbell
Mark Owen-TaylorHugh Campbell
Jovita Lee ShawKat
Septimus CatonRhyss
Jennifer CongramXanda
Ric AndersonIsaac
Peter MochrieRick Fontaine
Sandra Bell Honey Fontaine
Winston CooperGiorgio
Michelle Atkinson Anthea
Jessica OriglassoEmerald
Lisa OriglassoSapphire
Mark HillBrad
Timothy AmosMick
Christine Amor Mayor Buxton
Tony Hawkins McMurtrie
Leo Wockner Flanagan
David VallonRomirez
Larissa ChenVanessa Lee
John DommettMr. Southerly
Dale Heather Murison Ms. Sutton
JedAhab, The Dog

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