An O'Neill and Peters Production

ABC TV Executive Producer: Geoff Portmann
Producers: Julia Peters and Sharon O'Neill
Writers: Graeme Koetsveld and Bill Harding
Director: Michael Carson

Aired: October 08 – Nov 12, 2001

A six-part satirical comedy about the private and public lives of two ambitious Parliamentary backbenchers facing a forthcoming Federal election. Follow the intrigues of Michael Fielding and Tony Dunne as they face volatile electorates, the unpredictability of their political masters, office goings-on and deal making in the corridors of power, to secure themselves a seat in the next Parliament.
Philip QuastMichael Feilding
Jeremy SimsTony Dunne
Ed WightmanCraig
Kristy WrightVanessa Hawkins
Belinda McCloryTanya Dunne
Anne LoobyCaroline Fielding
Simon ChilversLester
McClory and Sims

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