Produced by Hilton Cordell Productions

Producer: Chris Hilton
Co-Producer: Deb Szapiro
Associate Producer: Darrin Ballingary

Aired: 2005 (SBS)

This six-part series transports a group of English, Irish and Australians, both Indigenous and European, back in time to the Australia of their ancestors. Living the life of free settlers, convicts and local Aboriginal people, they experience the unforgiving toughness of the colony of New South Wales as it was 200 years ago. The series is a mix of historical discovery, social jeopardy, adventure challenge and experiential learning as pampered 21st century pioneers attempt to prove they're tough enough to survive their historical ordeal.
the English
John Stephenson (41)
Liz Stephenson (37)
Carina Stephenson (16)
Tyler Stephenson (12)
the Irish
Maurice Hurley (48)
Patricia Hurley (45)
Susan Hurley (18)
Declan Hurley (18)
Deirdre Hurley (14)
Kate Hurley (10)
the Australians
Kerry Hohnke (42)
Tracy Hohnke (37)
Kashire Hohnke (15)
Eli Hohnkes (9)
Linkan Hohnke (5)
Jakob Hohnke (12)
Aboriginal families
Anto Donovan
Lorna Donovan
Amber Donovan (9)
Sharon Costelloe
Clayton Costelloe (30)
Kim Costelloe (20)
Luana Walker (16)
Jarlo Walker (15)
Hohnke family

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