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Episode 2.03
Aus: Thu, July 13, 2017
Written by
Directed by

Koen learns about the power of the blue blast and understands that as Cleverman he can both see and hear the past. Koen uses the blue blast to travel back to the aftermath of the car accident that killed his parents and pushed his mother into labour. He's shocked to learn that the driver of the car that ran into them was Auntie Linda.

Frith puts pressure on Waruu to find Koen, unaware that they are brothers. Amongst Jimmy's things, Waruu finds a story of two brothers, it leads him to a Dreaming tree, from which he collects blood red sap. Could this substance render the Cleverman mortal?

Alinta finds proof Dolan is a CA officer, and shows it to Nerida — who is shocked. They grab their gear, and run.

Charlotte confronts Slade about the nature of her child, he doesn't deny that he has implanted her with a child bearing hairy DNA. Jarli heads straight back into the city and ambushes Slade. Satisfied he's killed him, he turns his attention to Charlotte, who quickly holds him at bay by telling him she is carrying a Hairy child.

When a distressed Koen turns up on Waruu's doorstep, Waruu slashes Koen's throat, grabbing the lump of sap and holding it to the wound, willing it to work. Willing it to kill his brother.