Produced by Matchbox Pictures

Creator: Kacie Anning
Executive Producers: Kacie Anning, Mimi Butler, Debbie Lee, Alastair McKinnon
Producer: Mimi Butler
Writers: Kacie Anning, Romina Accurso, Gretel Vella
Director: Kacie Anning

Released: March 16, 2023 (Amazon Prime Video)

When an apocalyptic tidal wave hits during the ten-year reunion of an all-girls high school, a group of women must find a way to survive on the island peak of their high school campus. The series follows a group of former classmates, now freshly entangled in decade-old drama, as they attempt to survive not just the apocalypse but each other. (8x30min)
Emily BrowningZoe
Megan SmartAmelia
Caitlin StaseySaskia
Claire LoveringGenevieve
Sarah KrndijaSandy
Emma HornRenee
Steph TisdellPhoebe
Sana'a ShaikTeresa
Rose FlanaganLaura
Chi NguyenMegan
Bernie Van TielTegan
cast photo

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