Produced by Kapow Pictures Australia with Vision Animation
An Australia - Malaysia Co-production

Developed by: Stu Connelly, Mark Gravas
Executive Producers: Tim Brooke Hunt, Jenny Lalor, Sandra Walters, Low Huoi Seong
Producer: Sandra Walters
Director: Mark Gravas
Writer: Stu Connelly, Robert Adams, John Armstrong, Sam Carroll, Mark Gravas,
Doug MacLeod, Cleon Prineas, Gina Roncoli, Rachel Spratt

Aired: 2010 (ABC3)

At thirteen, CJ is already a hot DJ — the only trouble is most of her gigs are in her own bedroom. She can spin discs like no-one else, mix and scratch on the decks like a pro, but in the deader than dead end of town where she lives, almost nobody wants to know. With her spiky hair and spikier attitude, CJ is little Miss Alternative struggling in a sea of normality - but there's no way she's going to let that get her down. (52 x 11min)
Starringas the voice(s) of
Robert AdamsVice Principal Truman
Nikos AndronicosArnis
Lisa BaileyLesley, Marsha
Holly BrisleyCJ (Cathleen Jones)
Catherine Cohn...
Melani GravasCharley
Marcus HamiltonDJ Glammer
Steven HunterSi
Rachel King...
Nick O'RourkeLyle, ...
Stephen ShannaghanGene
Bruno Xavier...

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