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Rollcall for new police drama

WATER Rats and Secret Life of Us star Aaron Pedersen and talented actor Damien Richardson are the latest names to be added to the cast of Channel 7's new drama series City Homicide.

The pair will join Daniel MacPherson, Nadine Garner and Shane Bourne in the series that Seven naturally hopes will strike a chord with viewers.

Former Sale of the Century co-host Alyce Platt and AFI winner Noni Hazlehurst have also been linked to the project.

The cast has undergone major changes since the pilot was shot in Melbourne last year.

March 25, 2007

Homicide Bourne again

An announcement from Seven on the commissioning of its new police drama series, City Homicide, is expected shortly.

A pilot was shot last year and it's understood that network bosses are very pleased with Shane Bourne and Nadine Garner in their roles as members of a close-knit police unit.

The series features 12 to 14 key characters, allowing plenty of scope for storytelling.


CHANNEL Seven's proposed new drama series City Homicide is undergoing major reworking.

Three key roles are being recast on the project and there have been several significant changes in behind-the-scenes production roles. The series pilot, featuring Nadine Garner, Shane Bourne, Kimberley Davies and Damian deMontemas, was filmed in Melbourne in November.

Insiders say that while reworking is going on, the project has impressed Seven powerbrokers and is likely to get the go-ahead to be made into a series.