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Series best by far

THE final episodes of the second season of City Homicide left the nation collectively holding its breath as the son of detective superintendent Bernice Waverly was kidnapped and brutally murdered right before her eyes.

The final episode was a powerful example of just how good and how gritty Australian drama can be, and the third series of the popular cop drama is set to be no different.

City Homicide returned this week with the homicide squad ready for new challenges.

There are new faces, too — and astounding developments in the lives of some of the detectives as they reach the crossroads where a wrong decision could take them down a path to destruction.

This series of City Homicide has it all: conflict, romance and, of course, the action-packed murder mysteries solved by the dedicated team of homicide detectives.

And, according to star Daniel MacPherson, this is a series audiences are going to really get their teeth into.

"This series is by far the best yet," he said.

Daniel, who plays detective senior constable Simon Joyner, has had some fairly juicy storylines during his time on the show — from affairs with colleagues' wives to some of the grittiest homicide investigations we have seen on TV.

But in his opinion, the show's right mix of ingredients gives it the wow factor.

"There are wonderful moments in this show when all the ingredients do come together," he said.

"The strength of this show is the scriptwriting, the style of shooting and editing, and the combined strength of an incredibly experienced ensemble cast."

That experience comes from the likes of Shane Bourne, who is surprisingly powerful in a dramatic role — far from the comedy parts we are familiar seeing him in.

There's also Noni Hazlehurst in the role of Bernice Waverly, who delivered such a compelling performance in the second season that she has managed to establish herself as one of the most popular actresses on television.

But, according to Daniel, another reason the show continues its success, season after season, is the fact it continues to grow and mature.

"What we have refined with the show is the mix between character development and seeing how life investigating murder affects our character as well as the procedural aspect of solving murders," he said. "And it's changing now we have two new characters coming into the show and we have more input from characters like Jarvis and Waverly."

The two new characters he speaks of are detective senior constable Nick Buchanan, played by John Adam, who is described as straight-talking, calm, respectful, tough and focussed.

Joining him as a new member on the team is detective senior constable Allie Kingston, played by Nadia Townsend, described as outspoken, strong, impulsive and feisty.

And while networks are slashing dramas left right and centre, Seven recently announced it would be axing popular drama All Saints from its stable of Aussie dramas), Daniel said he felt lucky to be in a show that was rating well.

August 15, 2009
Sunshine Coast Daily Online