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About the series


At the heart of this comedy-adventure series for children is Charles "Chuck" Finn, a modern, hip, wisecracking young fellow reluctantly dragged from the urban jungles of North America to the outback of Australia, where his father is heading up a research program into farmland salinity. At first his only wish is to go back to Toronto, but with the gathering together of the gang of misfits who become his friends, Chuck eventually finds the new home and companions he longs for beneath his cocky and often abrasive front.

Set against the background of Australia's Murray River, small town life, and often surprising, off-the-wall happenings, the series centres around a once-derelict paddle steamer named the Tingalla Rose and the attempts of Chuck and his crewmates not only to get it back on the river but to run it as the successful working vessel it was at the turn of the last century. There are many hindrances to this dream, not least being that the vessel is haunted by the amiable but unpredictable ghosts of two former passengers. Where else would two young guys be forced to masquerade as their own girlfriends?

Where else would a long-extinct Neanderthal get loose in town? How many places do you know where you can be magically given "It" and gain instant popularity? Or find yourself falling through the Time Weft and waking up a century ago? It could only happen in the little town of Tingalla. And it could only happen to Chuck Finn.

Luke O'Louglin as Chuck


14-year-old Luke has had six years experience in drama, dance and singing classes with three years extensive film training in acting. He has appeared in television and radio commercials and also in the recent feature film Sally Marshal is Not an Alien.

Luke has been involved in a number of live performances including lead roles in theatrical productions, as a member of the performance team for Westfield Shopping Town and modelling assignments.

His other interests include playing the drums and piano, football and skateboarding. Luke hopes to continue working in the film industry, with his ultimate ambition to one day be a director.

Cassandra Kane as Sarah


In 1995 Cassandra performed with her brother Luke (who also appears in Chuck Finn as Eddie) at a number of eisteddfods and live performances. She also enjoys writing and acting out plays with her brother.

In 1997 Cassandra played the lead role in the short film Cock-A-Doodle-Doo. She has also done some television commercials and modelling work.

Cassandra hopes to succeed in the film industry as an actress and plans to continue with her study and obtain a high standard in year 12 with the hope of becoming a Cardiac Surgeon.

"Ex-Miss Nevada USA a hit down under"

Former Miss Nevada Mary Contino has found a career on the other side of the world.

Contino, winner of Miss Nevada USA in 1977 and first runner-up in the Miss USA Pageant, has a lead role in an Australian series that's also become a hit in Canada and England.

She plays the mother of a 12-year-old boy in the TV series, "Chuck Finn."

Contino did a lot of theater work in Las Vegas. Her father, Dick Contino, was billed as the world's greatest accordion player.

- Norm Clarke, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Chuck Finn on hold"

Producer Paul Barron is said to have called a "temporary" halt to the fourth [second] series of the children's drama series, "Chuck Finn", over financing difficulties. According to a report in the showbiz industry newsletter, "Media Day", Barron stopped principal photography while negotiations took place. "Chuck Finn" is being shot in Adelaide for the Seven Network, with post-production at the South Australian Film Corporation's Hendon Studios. Barron is reported to have said the shoot will resume "shortly".

- The Age's "Green Guide", November 02, 2000

"Chuck Finn chucked in"

A UNION has called on the South Australian and federal governments to bail out the cast and crew of a failed television series.

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) today said the production of the series Chuck Finn was postponed last year because of financial uncertainties leaving the cast and crew owed substantial amounts in wages and other entitlements.

Alliance spokesman Stephen Spence said it was now reported that production company Barron Entertainment had been placed in administration with debts of millions of dollars.

He said in the wake of the SA government today signing on with the federal government's Commonwealth Employee Support Scheme both governments should make good the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to actors and crew.

"The MEAA has had extensive negotiations with the company on payment but to no avail," Mr Spence said.

He said the alliance was concerned that without government intervention the money might never be recovered.

"It is simply not fair that these film workers should, through no fault of their own, see hard-earned wages disappear into thin air," Mr Spence said.

"This is yet another example of why safeguarding workers' entitlements through an appropriate scheme is so crucial."

- AAP, 07 AUG 2001