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Episode 1.01
Sat, November 10, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

Tom can't seem to get away from the usual wedding video — but this isn't the usual wedding. Sherbert and David are getting married. They are in love and have been since childhood. There's only one problem — they're cousins. Tom struggles to be compassionate about this project, but it could just be his next 'Bonzo: The Clown That Killed A Child' — a documentary about 'love against all odds — overcoming prejudice.' Of course, the family just wants a nice, proper video — one they can show their friends and family. The cousins aren't allowed to be married in the church, so it's to be a small affair, held at David's parents' house, beside the pool, where the happy couple first met when they were young. They have found a priest, Reverend Bevan who is willing to perform the service. Despite some awkward moments, the wedding goes ahead without a hitch… well, almost.

With: Julie Godfrey as Jenny, Ed Kavalee as David, Kathryn Beck as Sherbert, Angus Sampson as Bevan the Priest, Mark Brady as Pauly, Tony Llewellyn-Jones as Sherbert's Dad, Gary Wadell as Dean, Erica Lovell as Tiffany, Charlie Garber as Brad, Maureen Green as David's mum, David Webb as David's Dad, Mark Matthews as Male Guest, Hannah Moltoni as 2nd Bridesmaid, Betty Tougher as Elderly Aunt

Back To School

Episode 1.02
November 17, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

Samantha Howarth sat in the second row at school, and Tom remembers clearly that he sat just behind her. That was Year 9 — a long time ago…and now here she is in his office, after all these years. Samantha works in administration at the school, and she needs Tom's help for Careers Day, where former students who have become successful experts in their field of employment, return to speak to the kids and inspire them about the work they do. Tom is elated, thinking he's being invited to speak… until Samantha asks him to film the event. For free. Tom's ego is crushed, but he pushes his way into a deal with Samantha to get the headmaster, Graham Tucker to allow him to talk too. When Tom walks onto school grounds he isn't exactly greeted with respect by the students. A bid to impress them with a juvenile ball game in the bathroom ends in a random act of violence, and lands Tom in the headmaster's office. It seems that things haven't changed much for Tom since leaving school. As the students file into the auditorium, Tom is devastated to discover that the keynote speaker is a very successful banker, Carmichael…. his younger and much more successful brother. But Tom is determined not to let Carmichael steal all the limelight.

With: Justine Clarke as Samantha, Drew Forsythe as Headmaster Graham Tucker, Josh Wincott-Mcinnes as Film Buff, Jack McMahon as Handball Tough Guy #1, Dominic Gruenewald as Young Lover #1, Heloise Love as Young Lover #2

Bevan's Heaven

Episode 1.03
November 24, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

Tom's brother, Carmichael, has a potential contract for Chandon Pictures that Tom shouldn't refuse: filming training videos for his bank. Lucy is thrilled at the thought of a steady income. And the money will help with the serious termite problem that's been discovered in their house. However Tom has other, much 'bigger picture' ideas, such as filming the birth of a new church, 'One God' — helmed by the priest from the Cousin Love wedding. Rev Bevan is a charming but breakaway priest, a maverick outside the traditional church who is hell bent on propagating world peace — or is it really world domination? Touting tolerance for every religion, One God will shun no one — or so Reverend Bevan claims. That is until his most devout follower Gabby makes an unwelcome appearance at his first sermon.

With: Angus Sampson as Reverend Bevan, Andrea Wallis as Gabby, Cameron Bruce as Jingles, Genevieve Clay as Young Girl, Ben Gerrard as Young Guy, Steve Vella as Family Dad, Amanda Crompton as Family Mum, Johnny Nasser as Lebanese Parishoner, Emily Weare as Parishoner

Champion Charles

Episode 1.04
December 01, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

Helen is a dog-lover in the twilight of her life. Chandon Pictures have been hired to film a documentary on her Corgi, Champion Charles Wink Monte Carlo (or Winky for short) and it's to be a canine tribute to the dog she loves so much. Tom knows full well this is not going to be his next claim to fame, but the money's good and it's an easy job. However it's really not that easy getting what they want from interviews with Daphne, owner of Daphne's Dog Grooming Service, and Helen's daughter, Maggie — and it gets tragically worse when it comes to filming the star of the show, Winky. Meanwhile, Tom has a coffee with Zoe, who worked with him on 'Bonzo: The Clown That Killed a Child.' Zoe is now the Associate Producer to Eddie Connoly's Northern Lights, the king of game shows. Eddie has a desire to make a doco and Tom is desperate for an introduction.

With: Penne Hackforth-Jones as Helen, Kate Mulvany as Maggie, Lynne McGimpsey as Daphnie, Matthew Moore as Jodee, Nadia Townsend as Zoe, Amelia and Banjo Taylor

Private Dick

Episode 1.05
December 08, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

Andrew, an old friend of Tom's from school, is certain his wife, Annabelle, is cheating on him. Tom sees this as a great opportunity to step into the role of more than a private investigator — 'a documentary will have more context' — and he sells Andrew on the idea. Meanwhile Carmichael and Lucy keep trying to persuade Tom to work on the bank pitch, but Tom is certain that his idea for a feature documentary, "Bevan's Heaven," will be the next big thing. All he needs is financing. Nick and Tom head off on their first night of detective filming, while Andrew stays behind with Lucy to… talk. Tom surprises everyone with an announcement that he has the financing for "Bevan's Heaven" from a big admirer of Chandon's work — so they crack open the champagne.

With: Michael Denkha as Andrew, Jessica Napier as Annabelle, Penne Hackforth-Jones as Helen

Death Wish

Episode 1.06
December 15, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

Not everyone is pleased to learn that the financial backer is also sleeping with Tom — could this really be 'the girlfriend?' John has terminal cancer and hires Chandon Pictures to film his last will and testament. It's the usual straightforward video to his sons — no emotion — just straight from the will. Tom thinks John can do much better — after all it's his final message to his sons, so he agrees to a re-shoot. Tom has a meeting with Helen's business manager, Mr. Gilbertson to sign the contract and discuss the plan.

With: Penne Hackforth-Jones as Helen, Graham Blundell as John, Matthew Moore as Jodee, David Ritchie as Mr Gilbertson

White Ants

Episode 1.07
December 22, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

It's termite-killing day and Nick has resigned, conditionally, saying that they have to get the Bank job or he's out. Tom finally gets his meeting with Eddie Connoly, the great game show producer. Could he be their new backer for "Bevan's Heaven?" It's presentation day at the Bank. As a relieved Lucy finishes her PowerPoint presentation, it's Tom's turn — can he and the Chandon video win over the suits?

With: Gary Waddell as Dean, Peter Phelps as Eddie Connoly, Nadia Townsend as Zoe, Al Flower as Giteau, Sophie Gregg as Olivia


Episode 1.08
December 29, 2007
Written by Rob Carlton
Directed by Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress

Reverend Bevan is front page news — could this be Tom's big break to seal the deal with Eddie? After all he has the exclusive footage. Shane, a stand-up comic, needs an audition tape to break into Hollywood on Jay Leno. Chandon Pictures agree to film him at open-mike night at the Comedy Store. Is Shane any good? Can he make it to Hollywood? Eddie Connoly wants to sign a contract for "Bevan's Heaven". Lucy is anxiously awaiting news from the Bank. Nick is expecting twins. Carmichael needs money to re-stump the house. They're all close to the edge and need these deals — badly.

With: Anthony Simcoe as Shane, Peter Phelps as Eddie Connoly, Matthew Moore as Jodee, Kent Valentine as MC, Sam Bowring as Heckler, Lon Lucini as Bonzo the Clown