Produced by Beyond Productions Pty Ltd in assoiciation with Tamar Associates Pt Ltd

Series concept: Lynn Bayonas and Brendon Lunney
Executive Producers: Brendon Lunney, Stephen Amezdroz
Producer: Gwenda Marsh
Associate Producers: Jan Tyrrell

Produced: 1991/1992 (125 x 60 min, Nine)

The million dollar dream has come true for the Taylor family, whose lives change overnight when they win the 3 million dollar lottery. Sometimes heart wrenching and often funny, Chances follows the Taylors' as they encounter the dizzy heights, and the pitfalls, that occur when you get that once in a lifetime windfall.

Production and Cast credits from episode 99
Jeremy SimsAlex Taylor
Patsy StephenAngela Sullivan
John SheerinDan Taylor
Brenda AddieBarbara Taylor
Gerard SontCal Lawrence
Mercia Deane-JohnsSharon Taylor
Michael CatonBill Anderson
Karen Richards.
Stephen WittakerSean Becker
AbigailBambi Chute
Rodney BellDavid Young
Colin BorgononDr Skipton
Diane CraigBarbara Taylor
Kimberley DavenportCharlie Gibson
Peter GiutronichDet Clarke
Cathy GodboldNicki Taylor
Sandy GoreConnie Taylor
Marcus GrahamAlex Taylor
Simon GreySam Reynolds
Anne GriggSarah Taylor
Deborah KennedyConnie Reynolds
Mark KounnasChris Reynolds
Yvonne LawleyHeather Mcglashan
Caz LedermanJennifer Parsons
May LloydSr Sue Barkly
Natalie McCurryRebecca Young
Leverne McDonnellPhillipa Taylor
Warwick MossJack Taylor
Rhys MuldoonBen Taylor
Peter PhelpsDavid Hensen
Mouche PhillipsNicki Taylor
Tim RobertsonJack Taylor
Rob SteeleDet Bradbury
Chris StolleryBen Taylor
Margaret UmbersShanie
Bruce VenablesBates
Patrick WardPerry

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