Produced by Crawford Productions and Ten Network

Created by: Terry Stapleton
Executive Producers: Hector Crawford, Ian Crawford & Terry Stapleton
Producers: John Barningham, Mark Defriest, Keith Aberdein
Directors: Chris Langman, Brian Lennane, Paul Maloney, Mandy Smith, Mark Joffe

Aired: January 24, 1983–1984 (184 episodes)

Set in Melbourne in the 1920's, the series is about Jennifer Carson, a wife, mother and lawyer, an independent woman. In a man's world she strives to support her children and her interactions with her deceased husband's family, the powerful and wealthy Carsons, headed by her father-in-law, Godfrey, founder of a respected and influential law firm.
Kevin MilesGodfrey Carson
Christine AmorFelicity Carson
Jon SidneyWilliam Carson
Lorraine BaylyJennifer Carson
Ross ThompsonRobert Carson
Louise PajoMargery Carson
Chris OrchardThomas Carson
Christine HarrisAmy Carson
Gregg CavesBilly Carson
Melanie OppenheimerSarah Carson
Edward UpjohnSam Carson
Gordon GlenwrightSgt. Vic Brown
Irene InescortEileen Brennan
Marion HeathfieldEsme Brooks
Noel TrevarthenGerard Kent
Patrick DicksonArthur Simpson
Tony BonnerChris Dalton
Kevin HealySir Humphrey Moore
Tony Alvarez
Barry Quin
Constance Landsburg

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