Produced by Whitbread and Rosenbaum Film Productions in conjunction with Channel 7

Created by: Carol Matthews, Corinne Whitbread, Oscar Whitbread
Executive Producers: Oscar Whitbread and Zelda Rosenbaum
Directors: Viktors Ritelis, Peter Sharp, Peter Barrett, Ron Elliott, Alan Coleman, Geoff Hunt, John Gauci, Richard Sarell, Helen Gaynor
Writers: Kevin Nemeth, Peter Hepworth, John Coulter, Neil Luxmoore, Alister Webb, Peter Kinloch, Pepe Trevor, et al

Produced: 1996–1997 (78 x 30 min)

The adventures of twelve-year-old Tracey, her nine-year-old brother Ben and Maggie, their mother, who patrols the Katta-Moornda National Park as a Ranger. They have to deal with a myriad of problems, from protecting the native animals to dealing with public encroachment on prohibited land. When the youngsters set out to help, they discover not only adventure but also learn about the environments of this country and the role of its protectors both old and new.
Wendy StrehlowMaggie Dean
Lisa LairdTracey Dean
Steele ScriberasBen Dean
Dylan LandreDom
Kyle MorrisonGully
Blake MuirTodd Catchpenny
Rodney BellTony Harrison
Emma BoothDana Drysdale
Belinda PedlerPepa
Kate WhitbreadKelly Davidson
Gillian AlexyEloise
Joseph IsaiaMr. Clark
Brook O'KeefeMinnie Clark
Kelton PellWazza

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