Executive Producers: Andrew Lloyd James, Andrew Clark, Chris McCullough
Series Producers: Tim Clark, David Leonard
Directors: Tim Clark, Richard Walker, Ashley Smith, David Leonard, David Telfer, Stephen Burstow, Jack King

Produced: 1988, 1990, 1996

Survival expert Les Hiddins shares his vast knowledge of bush tucker and outback crafts. Set in country written off by early explorers as "uninhabitable," the Bush Tucker Man has spent years talking with and learning from the people who have successfully lived here for thousands of years, the Australian Aborigines. Each program is filled with examples of foods, survival techniques and ancient medicines, interwoven with Les' insights into the nature of the land itself. And what a country! "Bush Tucker Man" features some of Australia's most breathtaking landscapes, from tropical rainforests to deserts to vast wetlands teeming with life.
Les Hiddins
Les Hiddins montage

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