Breakers: profiles


Simone Robertson…

Simone, a trained jazz and tap dancer as well as an actor on shows like Neighbours, Kelly and Skirts, went along to the audition for Breakers believing she didn't stand a chance. That, she believes, is how she ended up with the role. "I was really calm and collected about it," says Simone. "I was so relaxed and happy and it just sort of happened."

She didn't know a great deal about the series before it began, but on reading a few of the scripts, was absolutely delighted to accept. "It's not Shakespeare," she says, "but it's different from other soaps. It's a little bit more centred towards the 19-year-old age group, whereas other soaps you're either an adult or you're at school. It's also more based around work with a wide range of plots. It's really teaching me a hell of a lot."

Starting in acting at the age of 11 as a Girl Guide on The Bartons, Simone's career has evolved steadily both in Australia and overseas. At 13, she played Max von Sydows' grand daughter in the movie Father. More recently, she did a two-year stint in Neighbours, also as a mother. In Breakers, acting with one of two twin girls in many scenes, Simone finds she's invariably kept on her toes. "There's a little bit of ad-libbing where kids are involved because they often don't do what you expect. They might walk off the set or do something different, so you have to keep up with that."

Simone has been studying occupational therapy and speech pathology before taking on the role of Monique. "I won't have time for that now," she says. "But that's OK. I can always go back later. Right now, I'm enjoying the show too much."

…as Monique Fairbairn

Monique is the half owner (with Paul), and manager, of BMS. She is 24-years-old and has a child from a relationship three years ago. At that time, Monique was an up-and-coming model and actress, working occasional shifts in Kate's. She turned to Paul for help when she became pregnant and between them, they came up with the idea of the modelling school. Paul had the premises lying empty and she had the know-how so they went into partnership.

Monique could probably go back to modelling now. She certainly has the looks and an elegant air about her, and motherhood has matured her. But she is happy working with teenagers and it is important for Monique to have her toddler daughter, Lara, with her as much as she wants. She is a shrewd business woman and can show a bit of steel when the going gets tough.

Monique's cosy relationship with Paul has led to an ongoing speculation that Lara is his child. On the rare occasions that Paul discusses the matter, he denies it.