Breakers: profiles


Ben Tate…

At the time Ben was offered his role in Breakers, he was finding out first-hand how tough the acting world can be. After being chosen from 350 people for a place at the Newtown High School for Performing Arts, he performed in a number of plays, appeared in guest roles for shows like A Country Practice and Heartbreak High, and completed several commercials. At times, his situation was so lean, he had to do a stint at Hungry Jack's to keep himself afloat.

So when Breakers came along, Ben could hardly believe his luck. "Anything would have been better than Hungry Jack's, but I think this is actually the best it could be," says Ben. "I'd rather do this than anything else. To act in a show like this is quite simply a dream come true. It offers so many opportunities. I don't usually watch much TV, but I'd certainly watch this!" Over the months of making the series, Ben admits he's grown very fond of Danny. "He can be a bit mischievous at times and a bit cheeky, and he reminds me of myself when I was 15. It's his attitude to girls and life n' stuff. I used to walk around and bug everyone too! Alas, I have an older sister. And she bugs me just like Terri does Danny."

Ben is looking forward to watching Danny grow up and admits he's curious as to how he'll turn out. "How much will he mature?" asks Ben. "It's great fun sticking around to find out!"

…as Danny Simmons

At 14, Danny is in teenage boys' heaven. Like his father, Paul, he enjoys being surrounded by attractive young women but reckons he's in a better position to do something about it. The girls think Danny is cute but, being younger than most of them, he tends to be treated like a little brother rather than a serious romantic option.

Danny ends up fighting a constant battle between his hormones and his undoubted intelligence and, while he knows he shouldn't abuse his position as son of the owner of BMS, the temptation is often too great. On the other hand, he is a sensitive soul and the bluff and bravado he uses around his mates evaporates when he's alone with a girl.

He gets on reasonably well with his sister—well, they tolerate each other… just, and often finds solace in his computer. He enjoys knocking around with his best friend Vince and surfs and roller-blades. He has a happy and carefree nature but he has his share of teenage boy problems and often runs into trouble. Although, to be fair, it's not always of his own making.