Breakers: profiles


Angela Keep…

Cheree, 15, is a streetkid friend of Reuben's who causes havoc when she first arrives at Breakers. Tough, street-wise and with a major authority problem, Cheree can't understand how Reuben has become "such a citizen".

During her stay, she manages to both undermine Reuben's position and cause mayhem in the newspaper office. Having tested the Breakers' family's patience to the limits, Cheree then heads back to the streets.

She does return later, however, and this time with a terrible secret. Doubtless, she will try everyone's patience all over again, but she will also end up testing their compassion as she looks for help and comfort.

…as Cheree

The role of Cheree is particularly challenging for Angela, because the two are different in every way — even in looks. "I'm very girlie," says Angela. "I like make-up and clothes and going out with my girlfriends, just being a girl. The other cast members go into the make-up chair to get made up; I go in to get made down! As Cheree, I get around with greasy hair and grungy clothes, people really won't believe that's me because we look so different.

"But that's what's so great about the role. It's a lot of fun playing her because I can be a totally different person. When she first comes into the show as a streetkid, she has a very big chip on her shoulder. She rubs everyone up the wrong way.

"She also gives Reuben a lot of trouble but he sticks by her. It's so different!"

Angela is probably best known for her 18-month stint in the sitcom Hey Dad! which she won over 100 other contenders. She has also played a guest role in GP and filmed the pilot of the comedy Corrigan for Channel 7, as well as appearing in a number of commercials.

Breakers is now her second long-term job. "I love the fact I can be a part of such a new project," says Angela. "There's nothing really like it. There are other soaps on televison, but Breakers is so realistic, eveyone can relate to it. I like the fact that I can be part of the show as it grows."