Boney: episode guide

Boney In Venom House

episode photo Episode 01
Aired: August 17, 1972
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Boney follows the track of a murderer to a gloomy old family home, long since cursed by Aboriginals. He finds two sisters twisted by jealousy and hate, a psychiatric nurse acting as housekeeper and, locked upstairs, a powerful man with the brain of a child.

Cast: James Laurenson as Inspector Bonaparte, Wendy Blacklock as Janet Answorth, Max Phipps as Morris Answorth Sheila Helpmann as Mrs. Leeper, George Assang as Jim Blaze, Bill Ayres as Sergeant Mawson, Sharles Moody as Undertaker, Honor Blackman as Mary Answorth

Boney and the White Savage

episode photo Episode 02
Aired: October 26, 1972
Written by Eric Paice
Directed by Peter Maxwell

After a young rapist escapes from prison and seeks refuge in the rugged mountain area near the scene of the crime, the rape victim tries to keep Boney from finding him.

Cast: James Laurenson as Inspector Bonaparte, Michael Long as Martin Miller, Ted Ogden as Jeff Rutter, Helen Lindsay as Elizabeth Rutter, Ben Gabriel as Senior Constable Sassoon, Don Pascoe as Luke Miller, Joan Winchester as Helen Miller John Waters as Constable Lloyd, Brigitte Kollecker as Brigitta Rutter

Boney and the Daybreak Killer

episode photo Episode 03
Aired: August 03, 1972
Written by Frank Hardy
Directed by Eric Fullilove

When local police are unable to solve the murder of two girls in the outback town of Daybreak, Boney decides to investigate undercover in the guise of a horse breaker.

With: Danny Adcock as Tony Carr, Don Barker as Alec Bryce, Noel Ferrier as Sam Loader, Peter Gwynne as Tim Thursley, Susan Lloyd as Joy Loader, Jessica Noad as Esther Harmon, Tony Wager as Constable Harry Harmon, Rowena Wallace as Kat Loader

Boney Buys A Coffin

episode photo Episode 04
Aired: August 31, 1972
Written by Joy Cavill
Directed by Peter Maxwell

An unidentified body is found near a small fishing town, which is linked to the disappearance of a Vietnam serviceman. A stray dog leads Boney to vital clues that help solve a case of murder and drug addiction.

With: Noel Brophy as Penwarden, Bernadette Hughson as Jenny Wessex, Serge Lazareff as Dick Lake, Rod Mullinar as Frank Abbott, Edward Ogden as Ed Wessex, Hazel Phillips as Candy Barr

Boney and the Payback Killer

episode photo Episode 05
Aired: September 07, 1972
Written by Arthur Young
Directed by Eric Fullilove

An Aboriginal boxer is released from prison after serving a sentence for killing his tribal brother. He maintains he was innocent and sets out to serve Aboriginal justice on the real killer.

With: Slim DeGrey as Walsh, Gerry Duggan as Bazza Davis, David Gulpilil as David Ooldea, Brian James as Harold Morgan, Lex Mitchell as Lenny Allan, Gordon Piper as Sergeant, June Salter as Mrs. Larkins, Alfred Sandor as Sullivan

Boney and the Reaper

episode photo Episode 06
Aired: August 10, 1972
Written by Bob Ellis
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A large reaping machine pushes George Loftus' car into the path of a train. Boney has many suspects, and soon uncovers a connection to a murder in Rabul.

With: Barry Donnelly as Constable Wyatt, Ron Graham as Mike Taylor, Ron Haddrick as Leonard Jelly, Ellie Maclure as Susan Jelly, Googie Withers as Jane Loftus

Boney and the Claypan Mystery

episode photo Episode 07
Aired: July 27, 1972 (Melboune)
Aired: August 03 (Sydney)
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A light aircraft is found in Central Australia. Unconscious in the passenger seat is a young woman, paralysed by drugs, with no sign of a pilot or any tracks in the vicinity. Boney investigates, only to be confronted by a second attempt at killing the girl.

With: Tony Bazell as Dr. Knowles, Daphne Grey as Mary Kane, Terry McDermott as Jim Oliver, Judy Morris as Kathy Markham, Tony Ward as Bill Nettlefold, Brian Wenzel as Sgt Cox

Boney Picks A Widow

episode photo Episode 08
Aired: September 14, 1972
Written by Ted Willis
Directed by Eric Fullilove

Two widows have been murdered in Broken Bay, a small coastal town. Boney sets a trap for the killer using human bait - the widow he believes will be the next victim.

With: Tony Allyn as Mike Lewis, Fred Betts as Alec Dickinson, Reg Gillam as Senior Constable Johnson, Ken Goodlet as Inspector Walters, Jacqueline Kott as Mary Sayers, Don Reid as Aubrey Rose, Graham Rouse as Sgt Sawtell, Bindi Williams as Harry Jones

Boney and the Black Virgin

episode photo Episode 09
Aired: September 21, 1972
Written by Peter Yeldham
Directed by Eric Fullilove

Investigating the strange death of an escaped convict, Boney discovers the prime suspect has also been murdered. He finds the key to the mystery in a weird love triangle.

With: Peter Aanensen as Sgt. Mawby, Rüdiger Bahr as Eric Romer, Tom Farley as Fritz Romer, David Gulpilil as Tonto, Kirrily Nolan as Lottee Jack, Arna-Maria Winchester as Robin Pointer

Boney and the Monster

episode photo Episode 10
Aired: September 28, 1972
Written by Bruce Stewart
Directed by Eric Fullilove

Aborigines in the heart of the Australian outback plan a ritual killing with Boney as the intended victim when he investigates the mysterious death of a geologist. The Aborigines say the geologist has been trampled by the 'monster of Alice Gap', protector of their sacred burial ground. Investigations lead Boney on the track of a cattle stealing operation.

With: Terence Cooper as Jack Levvey, Willie Fennell as Needle Kent, Ken Goodlet as Lively Early, Gerda Nicolson as Clare Joyce, Ann Peters as Mary, Roger Ward as Constable Barnard, Owen Weingott as Bill Newton

Boney Takes A Holiday

episode photo Episode 11
Aired: October 05, 1972
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Eric Fullilove

Aborigines in the heart of the Australian outback plan a ritual killing with A veterinary student and a customsagent disappear in the Flinders Ranges. Boney finds himself plunged into a strange case of murder and the illegal export of Merino rams.

With: John Bonney as Jim Simpson, Max Cullen as Glen Shannon, Jeanie Drynan as Isobel Matthews, Buster Fiddess as Ed Simpson, Jill Forster as Elaine Simpson, Keith Lee as Frank Hedges

Boney Buys A Woman

episode photo Episode 12
Aired: October 12, 1972
Written by Joy Cavill
Directed by Peter Maxwell

In the baffling mystery of a murdered white woman and her abducted daughter, Boney seeks clues among a tribe of Aboriginals. To spring his trap on the murderer, he must buy the beautiful Meena from her tribal chief.

With: Les Foxcroft as Yorky, Reg Gorman as Arnie Bray, David Gulpilil as Dancer, John McCallum as Alistair Bell, Kerry McGuire as Meena, Peter Whittle as Harry Lawton

Boney and the Black Opal

episode photo Episode 13
Aired: October 19, 1972
Written by Ted Willis
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A policeman is found murdered on a road in the rugged MacDonnell Ranges and his black tracker is missing, also believed dead. Boney has an ally in a tribe of Aboriginals bent on revenge.

With: Hedley Cullen as Sam Laidlaw, John Gray as Ezra Breen, Sandra Lee Paterson as Kim Breen, Nick Tate as Sgt Peter Irwin, Ken Wayne as Charlie

Boney Tells A Fortune

episode photo Episode 14
Aired: January 22, 1973
Written by Eric Paice
Directed by Ron Way

An astrologer predicts his own death, but not at the hands of a murderer. Boney investigates, and soon finds there is more to the case than meets the eye.

With: Tom Farley as Ben Wickham, Nicola Flamer-Caldera as Laya, Eddie Hepple as 'Knocker' Harris, Volkert Kraeft as Link, Diana McLean as Jessica Menzies, Stan Penrose as Barry, Beverley Roberts as Chandra Sharma, Nick Tate as Sgt Peter Irwin, Nevil Thurgood as John Lewton

Boney and the Paroo BikeMan

episode photo Episode 15
Aired: January 29, 1973
Written by Peter Yeldham
Directed by Ron Way

Boney is suspected of being a trade union organiser and a black leg labour recruiter as he probes a double murder amongst bitter industrial trouble on a sheep station.

With: Jack Allan as Harry, John Armstrong as Mick, Deryck Barnes as Sgt Harvey, Anne Haddy as Mrs. Cosgrove, Lew Luton as Ray Wilson, Patrick McCarville as Frank, Lex Mitchell as Jacko, Judy Morris as Jill Madden, Ken Shorter as Vic Vickery, Martin Vaughan as Paroo Bikeman

Boney and the Strangler

episode photo Episode 16
Aired: February 05, 1973
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Boney investigates the killing of a pregnant girl in a tropical rain forest. He finds half a dozen logical suspects, but no tracks leading to or from the body.

With: Alan Becher as Barry Elson, Jim Bowles as Const. Harris, Aileen Britton as Nora, Cul Cullen as Sgt. Mulray, Cornelia Frances as Stella Borredale, Carla Hoogeveen as Marie, Kevin Miles as Martin Borredale, Jack Thompson as Jack

Boney and the Powder Trail

episode photo Episode 17
Aired: February 12, 1973
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Boney tracks down a hired killer who tries to escape across the outback with a young Aboriginal guide and a bag of highly marketable heroin.

With: John Allen as John Dash, Deryck Barnes as Sgt. Colin Harvey, Diane Craig as Marion, Diana Davidson as Rose Ashley, Gavin Hamilton as Kerry, Roger Millis as Greene, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Jeff Stanton, Bindi Williams as Pintubi

Boney and the Albatross

episode photo Episode 18
Aired: February 19, 1973
Written by Ross Napier
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Boney investigates the disappearance of a U.S. senator at sea, near a small Australian coastal town. Boney's investigations reveal that the senator was murdered in order to protect the headquarters of an international drug syndicate.

With: Peter Corbett as Brian Spencer, Olivia Hamnett as Diana Rockwell, Harold Hopkins as Jack Wilton, Ric Hutton as Rockwell, Gus Mercurio as Frail, Redmond Phillips as Edward Blade, Brenda Senders as Dorothy Spencer, Gregory de Polnay as 'Flash' Gordon

Boney and the Kelly Gang

episode photo Episode 19
Aired: February 26, 1973
Written by Eric Paice
Directed by Ron Way

Boney poses as a bank robber with a gang of Irish-Australian armed bandits, and leads them into a trap. The gang wear suits of armour in the tradition of Ned Kelly.

With: Neva Carr-Glynn as Mrs. Conway, Frank Gallacher as Barman, Ken Goodlet as Sgt Bob Edwards, Brian Hinzlewood as Dan Conway, Judy Lynne as Carol Lund, Alfred Sandor as Lund, Jack Thompson as Red Kelly, David Whitford as Patterson, Kevin Wilson as Brian Kelly

Boney Hunts A Murderess

episode photo Episode 20
Aired: March 05, 1973
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A woman returning to an outback town after a ten year jail term for the murder of her husband becomes an obvious suspect when a man is murdered on her train.

With: Enid Lorimer as Mrs. Thompson, John McCallum as Mike, Googie Withers as Diana Thompson

Boney and the Emu Man

episode photo Episode 21
Aired: April 30, 1973
Written by Joyce Belfrage
Directed by Frederico Chentrens

Three babies are kidnapped in a small country town - then a fourth disappears with it's mother. Boney uncovers a cult based on Aboriginal lore as the townspeople try to start a new tribe to replace those displaced by white men.

With: Noeline Brown as Mrs. Sawyer, Maggie Dence as Mrs. Coutts, Judith Fisher as Mrs. Bulford, Peter Flett as Constable Johnson, Marcus Hale as Dean Cross, Mark Kelly as Sgt Hardy, Brian Moll as Bill Bulford, Bruce Spence as Ron Sawyer

Boney and the Devil's Steps

episode photo Episode 22
Aired:March 19, 1973
Written by Joy Cavill
Directed by Ron Way

A famous show business personality is found murdered at a luxury health farm. Boney checks in as a guest to investigate, and has to unravel a complex case involving a change of leadership in a ruthless international crime syndicate.

With: Mike Dorsey as Robert Downes, Jeanie Drynan as Sally Forrest, Dennis Grosvenor as Constable Long, Margo Lee as Miss Jade, Richard Lupino as Carlos Raymond, John Morris as Fred Bisker, John Orcsik as Greg Pampino, Peter Reynolds as Barrett

Boney Walks With Death

episode photo Episode 23
Aired:March 26, 1973
Written by Eric Paice
Directed by Howard Rubie

A half-caste Aboriginal, bearing a striking resemblance to Boney and using his name, is killed when a crop duster engulfs him in a lethal cloud of insecticide. Dr. Paul Henderson seems over anxious to protect his fiancée, Gloria Lacey, the daughter of an outback magistrate. Gloria had an affair with the murdered man and has received death threats.

With: Deryck Barnes as Sgt Colin Harvey, Gordon Glenwright as Sgt Carter, Ric Hutton as Norman Lacey, Bruce Kilpatrick as Constable Brian Jackson, Harry Lawrence as Bill, Gwen Plumb as Miss Packer, Bill Riley as Dr. Paul Henderson, Graham Rouse as Jim, Kate Sheil as Gloria Lacey

Boney and the Burial Tree

episode photo Episode 24
Aired: April 02, 1973
Written by Eric Paice
Directed by John McCallum

A white man is shot and 'buried' aboriginal style in a tree. Nobody on the outback property where the body was found will admit having seen him, although he was watching the homestead from his camp. Boney has to deal with a fanatical Army officer out to avenge the death of his mate, who captures Alice McGorr and tests Boney's skill and ingenuity to the full.

With: Bruce Barry as Bull Johnson, Alfred Bell as Frank Pearce, David Gulpilil as Balinga, Anne Haddy as Mary Parker, Serge Lazareff as Greg Green, Jenee Welsh as Tessa Parker, David Williams as Harry Green

Boney and the Silent Order

episode photo Episode 25
Aired: April 09, 1973
Written by Eric Paice
Directed by Howard Rubie

A light aircraft carrying a large payroll disappears after a forced landing on an emergency airstrip in the bush. Boney and Alice McGorr make a startling discovery at a nearby convent, a 'silent order' where the nuns are not permitted to speak. Alice risks her life posing as a nun, while Boney searches the bush for two kangaroo shooters who prefer human game.

With: Gloria Dawn as Mother Superior, Al Kenny as Barman, Scott Lambert as Tony, Kevin Leslie as Sam, Sandra McGregor as Sister Theresa, Peter Sumner as Sgt Peter Fuller, Gil Tucker as Pilot, Katy Wild as Julie, Norman Yemm as Bill Craig

Boney and the Black Clansman

episode photo Episode 26
Aired: April 11, 1973
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by Barry Davis

While investigating sheep rustling and reprisal killings of stockmen, Boney walks into a full scale clan feud between two Australian outback families who cling stubbornly to the grim traditions of their Scottish ancestors.

With: Ruth Cracknell as Elizabeth Campbell, Brendon Lunney as Donald McDonald, Ellie Maclure as Flora McDonald, Alex Nicol as Hector Campbell, Max Osbiston as McDonald Snr, Gregory Ross as Colin Campbell, Brian Wenzel as Sgt Cox