A Southern Star Sullivan Production

Creators: Pino Amenta, Philip Dalkin, Alan Hardy, Jon Stephens
Executive Producers: Philip Dalkin, Kris Noble
Producers: Alan Hardy, John Powditch
Directors: Pino Amenta, Philip Dalkin, Mark Defriest, Bruce Myles

Aired: 1994 (26 x 30 min)

The Bob Mirrison Show is the story of an ordinary family from an extraordinary viewpoint—through the eyes of their pet dog, Bob Morrison. Bob is an adorable stray pooch who unwittingly enters the lives of the Morrison family. While Bob is welcomed by the youngest member of the Morrison clan, Ben, he has a tough time winning over the rest of the family.
Andy AndersonSteve Morrison
Nikki CoghillLizzy Morrison
Christopher LyonsBen Morrison
Elissa ElliotMaxine Morrison
Matt DayJake Duffy
Stig WemyssVoice of Bob
Bob Morrison