Creator: Ian Jones, Jock Blair
Executive Producers: Ian Crawford, Ian Jones
Directors: Graeme Arthur, George Miller, Kevin Dobson, Gary Conway, David Stevens, Paul Eddey

Aired: 1976–1977

Bluey is a fast-moving, action packed police drama. Detective Sergeant 'Bluey' Hills is a no nonsense, down-to-earth cop. He knows every trick in the book, and then some. But don't underestimate him. He's an 18 stone heap of grief to the law-breaker. He's also a loner with his own way of getting results. His attitude doesn't endear him to his superiors, but they can't argue with his track record. (1 x 90 min and 38 x 60 min episodes)
Lucky GrillsDet. Sgt. "Bluey" Hills
John DeidrichDet. Garry Dawson
Gerda NicolsonSgt Monica Rourke
Victoria QuilterJo Goldman
Terry GillReg Truscott
Ken GoodletAssistant Commissioner
Mercia Dean-JohnsDebbie Morley

Episode List

  1. The First Bloody Day
  2. Unplaced Favourite
  3. The Final Dividend
  4. May
  5. One Man Band
  6. Mack's Back
  7. The Set Up
  8. Scout's Honour
  9. The Wild Goose Chase
  10. And Then There Were None
  11. End Of The Line
  12. A Few Quiet Questions
  13. Speak To Me Only
  14. Run, Truscott, Run
  15. Emma
  16. The Mooball Man
  17. Star Turn
  18. Stop The Press
  19. Father And Son
  20. You Wouldn't Believe Me
  21. Loose Lips Sink Ships
  22. The Fat Cat
  23. What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  24. The Pick Up
  25. It's Worth The Risk
  26. The Changeling
  27. Two Birds
  28. The Hydra
  29. Mirror Image
  30. A Political Animal
  31. Witness
  32. The Wrong Coffin
  33. Final Devotion
  34. Lonely Ordeal
  35. Whole Of Life
  36. If A Man Calls
  37. Tit For Tat
  38. A Touch Of Stardust
  39. Son Of Bluey

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