Blue Murder: episode guide

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Episode 1

Sunday, August 06, 2017 (Seven)
717,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Peter Schreck
Directed by Michael Jenkins

From his final fall, recorded on CCTV outside a storage lock-up in suburban Sydney, Blue Murder: Killer Cop tracks back to Kings Cross, 1989.

On the eve of a new decade, 'disgraced former detective' Roger Rogerson struggles to find relevance in a rapidly changing world.

With the old guard of corrupt Kings Cross detectives soon to be taken down by authorities, can Roger fight to get back in the game through his connections? Or will new found love with Anne inspire him to take a new path?


  • Richard Roxburgh as Roger Rogerson
  • Toni Collette as Anne Melocco
  • Matt Nable as Mark Standen
  • Justin Smith as Glen McNamara
  • Dan Wyllie as Michael Hurley
  • Emma Booth as Julie Weinthall
  • Tony Martin as Arthur 'Neddy' Smith
  • Damian Walshe-Howling as Alan Abrahams
  • Steve Le Marquand as Larry Churchill
  • Toby Schmitz as Jed Wilson
  • Oscar Redding as Dan Irvine
  • Aaron Pedersen as Joe Kensell
  • Aaron Jeffery as Chris Bronowski
  • Stephen Anderton as Prison Guard
  • Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi as Ricky Hazell
  • Tai Nguyen as Detective Filkins
  • Gary Clementson as Detective Cleal
  • Jack Kelly as Dolly Dunn
  • Trey Daniels as Colin Fisk
  • Adam Digby as Chook Fowler
  • Thomas Unger as John Mancini
  • Buddy Dannoun as Anthony
  • Annette Van Roden as Helen Carson
  • Rebecca Ratcliff as Detective Henrietta
  • Victor Matveev as Li Chan Kwok
  • Lee Shaw as Les Mara
  • Christopher Truswell as Hal Tate
  • Cameron Rhodes as Paul Camani
  • Michael Tran as Jamie Gao
  • Gil Ben-Moshe as Mahmoud
  • Louise Lee Mei as Mahmoud's Wife
  • Dean Capararo as Abaid
  • Shaun Robinson as Luke
  • Graham Edwards as Grigor Petrov
  • Rick Pont as Valenti
  • Steve Costello as Cameron
  • Gregory King as Biker
  • Andy Sherri as Biker
  • Brian De Fazio as Biker
  • Milan Pulvermacher as Young Husband
  • Sarah-Jane Rodham as Young Wife
  • Troy Fielden as Kylie
  • Dirk Bromley as Estate Agent
  • Peter Mochrie as Auctioneer
  • Brad McMurray as Leagues Club Cop
  • Bodelle de Ronde as Photographer Cop
  • Cale Morgan as Sergeant
  • Rodney Samuel as Accountant
  • Matt Ruscic as Guy Fighting
  • Stephen Fine as Barman
  • Isabelle Parish as Attractive Young Girl
  • Klara Bartakava as Sex Worker
  • Darren Crane as Prisoner
  • Holly Millers as Sex Worker in Club
  • Nicholas Owens as Prisoner

Stunt Performers:

  • Marlee Barber
  • Georgina Blackwell
  • Sebastian Dickins
  • Paul Doyle
  • Mike Duncan
  • Dean Gould
  • Alex Jewson
  • Nicholas Kai
  • Blake Lindsell
  • Michael Matthews
  • Olga Miller
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Steve Morris
  • Timothy Parsons
  • Phil Partridge
  • George Saliba
  • David Semery
  • Ben Toyer
  • Jonathan Wong