Produced by Playmaker Media

Creators: Sarah Smith, Peter Gawler, David Maher & David Taylor
Executive Producers: David Maher, David Taylor, Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan, Sarah Smith
Producer: Sue Seeary
Writers: Sarah Smith, John Ridley, Giula Sandler
Directors: Jennifer Leacey, Geoff Bennett, Wayne Blair, Peter Andrikidis

Airing: August 15, 2018... (Nine)

After surviving a shark attack, homicide detectives Dan Cooper and Zoe Rawlings join forces to hunt the ultimate predator — a serial killer who is also hunting them. Not only are they survivors but also ex-lovers. Exceptional at what they do, together they're a force like no other. Zoe is happy in a new relationship, but after three years away Dan knows Zoe was the one he let go and wants her back. Will Dan and Zoe be able to work together to hunt down the serial killer or will they become the killer's next victims? (8x44min)

Todd LasanceDan Cooper
Ash RicardoZoe Rawlings
Damian Walshe-HowlingDr Kristof Olsen
Deborah MailmanAnna Morton
Robert MammoneJim Russo
Pia MillerKate Summers
Marny KennedyAmber Wells
Darcie Irwin-SimpsonClaire Hobson
Arka DasDepak Chaudhary
Dominic MonaghanStephen Langley
cast photo
cast photo

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