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The Principal

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Episode 1.01
Mon, February 17, 1997 (8:30)
Written by Tracey Trinder-Doig, Christopher Lee
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Lauren Allen's privileged existence grinds to a halt when the wealth she's always known dries up after the death of her beloved father. Left with a legacy of debt and the pain of his deception, she goes with her only option and sells off business and private assets, including the family home. All that remains is a small, unprofitable charter company which the sympathetic family solicitor suggests she may be able to salvage, despite her inexperience.

Starring: Gary Sweet as Chris Manning, Alexandra Fowler as Lauren Allen, Martin Henderson as Scotty Gibbs, Rhys Muldoon as Jimbo James, Lisa Baumwol as Lexie Ciani, Robyn Cruze as Shay McWilliam

With: Roger Ward as Barney, Rebecca Hamilton as Vanessa, Michael Barnacoat as John, Barry Quin as Solicitor, Julie Herbert as Alice, Matthew Harrington as Billy, Rolando Ramos as Enrico, Franko Milostnik as Carlos, Patrick Almeida as Julio, Stephen Judkins as Police Officer #2, Owen Buik as Police Officer #1, Russell Kiefel as Detective 1, Genevieve Sulway as Detective 2


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Episode 1.02
February 17, 1997
Written by Steve Worland
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Jimbo is dangled over the edge of a bridge by his ex-girlfriend Stacey's brothers as she demands that he pay her back $5000 he owes. When he calls her bluff her brothers let him go and he splashes into the water far below. She warns him If he doesn't pay by 1pm sharp she'll drop him off the Harbour Bridge next.

To solve his financial woes, Jimbo races to retrieve a piece of a crashed satellite to win a lucrative radio contest. When the object is revealed to be radioactive, Jimbo is ordered to ditch his plane at sea.

Guest Starring: John Polson as Jimbo's Rival

With: Jimi Reynolds as Ralph, Sotiri Sotiropoulos as Bruno, Michelle Pettigrove as Stacey, David Whitney as Mark Johannsen, Geoff Aldridge as N.E.C. Officer, Justin Case as N.E.C. Officer, Justin Monjo as Dave Brock, Julian Pulvermacher as Len Crichton, Sandra Sully as Newsreader, Paul Doyle as Jimbo Double

The McCourt Family

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Episode 1.03
February 24, 1997
Written by Tracey Trinder-Doig
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Chris and Lexie arrive at an outback airstrip to collect a farmer, James McCourt, and his two young children who are heading into the wilderness on a camping trip. As they load the plane the children's grandfather arrives with a court order for their return...

McCourt forces Chris to fly at gunpoint while Lexie tends to the kids' grandfather who clings to life after being been shot. Jimbo ponders his future after getting a difficult medical diagnosis.

Guest Starring: Ian Bliss as James McCourt, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Ron Graham as Tom, Evan Sheaves as Adam McCourt, Nellie McQuinn as Jessie McCourt, Allegra Hartford Davis as Chloe Manning, Joshua Smith as Jack Manning, Monique Spanbrook as Doctor, Mark Slocum as Controller 1, Ken Walsh as Controller 2, Michael Boehm as Outback Police Officer, Rohan Michael as Uniformed Police Officer

It Only Takes One

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Episode 1.04
March 03, 1997
Written by Rick Maier
Directed by Viktors Ritelis

There's big trouble at Big Sky as rumours have Lauren trying to improve the balance sheet by breaking up the business and selling off assets. Chris' assignment to transport a prisoner is complicated when the accompanying police officer falls ill and the inmate is sprung by his mates. The man comes back when his conscience gets the better of him and Chris shows the likeable bloke the sights before taking him in. \When Jimbo makes a delivery to a pregnant woman on a remote property, he finds himself helping with another delivery giving him cause to reflect on his own situation.

Guest Starring: George Shevtsov as Wal Dennis

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Barry Quin as Simon Kroger, Inge Hornstra as Debbie, Terry Crawford as Doctor, Peter Callan as Sgt. Ned Banks, Ramsey Everingham as Joe, Angelica La Bozzetta as Annabel Harding, David Sheehan as Harry, Cameron Stewart as Ambulance Officer, Alan Dukes as John, Paul Douglas as TRG Man, Mark McCann as Security Guard, Natalie Read as Debbie's Baby, Meegan Marmont as Waitress

Growing Pains

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Episode 1.05
March 10, 1997
Written by Susan Bower
Directed by Viktors Ritelis

When his best mate Shane is jilted, Scotty commits to cheering him up. He moves Shane into his flat and takes him for his first parachute jump. The boys are playing hard and Scotty thinks Shane is handling the break up well. On a second jump a horrified Scotty watches from the plane as the parachute fails to open and Shane plunges to his death. When Scotty later learns his friend's death wasn't an accident, he struggles with what to tell Shane's parents... and the inquest which is seemingly poised to put the blame on Scotty. Later, a search and rescue job puts Scotty in the position to save the life of a drowning youth.

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie Sherman [uncredited], Glenn Hoare as Shane, Ronald Rodger as Mr. Webster, Gennie Nevinson as Mrs. Webster, Brendan Higgins as Brian Chambers, Felicity Soper as Jill Spencer, Carlton Lamb as Reporter, Geoff Bartlett as Detective, Damien Parker as Mr. Cooper, Nathan Ramsay as Ambulance Officer, Stuart Halusz as Bloke, Jon Darling as Derro, Peter Melov as Police Officer 1, Gary Simmons as Police Officer 2, Chris Bessounian as Lexie's Boyfriend, Christopher Midlam as Brett

Good Luck Baby

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Episode 1.06
March 17, 1997
Written by Gregor Jordan
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Chris and Lauren head for a weekend with Sir Douglas Ogilvie, a wealthy industrialist and friend of Lauren's who is considering investing in Big Sky. When a storm forces them to land in a farmer's field, they are forced to spend the night in the plane before taking off again the next morning — after mending fences. Jimbo is stuck minding his girlfriend's dog, Baby, who he doesn't like. Baby runs riot at the base, hopping on a plane and ending up in Warnervale, before stowing away in a singer's ute. Jimbo is in major trouble. Shay agrees to go out with Scotty.

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Frank Wilson as Douglas Ogilvie, Ken Goodlet as Les, Diarmid Heidenreich as Dingo, Martin Lynes as Roger, Craig Blair as Gary, Chris King as Meat Tray Caller, Yvonne Adams as Miriam, Marc Kay as Clerk

No Turning Back

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Episode 1.07
March 24, 1997
Written by Annette Moore
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Chris is surprised when his ex-wife, Robbie, turns up on his doorstep, terrified; her date turned violent when she tried to break off their relationship. Chris moves into protective mode, and back into the house. The police are eager to get their hands on the passenger on Chris' charter flight — a detective set to testify at an inquest into police corruption.

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Roxane Wilson as Robbie, Allegra Hartford Davis as Chloe Manning, Joshua Smith as Jack Manning, Phillip Holder as Neil Davidson, Jim Holt as Mark Campbell, Peter Fisher as Detective Taylor, Jason Montgomery as Male Officer, Tanya Bulmer as Suzie, Rachel Cleland as Bridesmaid, Deborah Wells as Bride's Mother, Kim Mordaunt as Dwyer, Amanda Bishop as Female Officer, Janice Oxenbould as Patricia, Anthony Martin as Detective Harrison, Tina Kobas as Doe #1, Gabrielle Collins as Doe #2, Michelle Lafferty as Doe #3, Carol Fraczek as Fiona, Lelanya Gutierrez as Pretty Woman

Lost and Found

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Episode 1.08
April 01, 1997
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Mike Smith

Chris is hired to transport a body from a remote station but when he returns to Big Sky, the coffin is empty. He and Jimbo must return to finish the job... twice. Jimbo suspects foul play and when their plane breaks down, they are forced to spend the night in the company of the dead man's wives giving Jimbo time to investigate. Shay's colleague's throw a hasty party for her forgotten birthday but her day takes a turn when she learns her parents are splitting up. Lauren is forced to sell her family home, Lexie must deal with some difficult passengers, and Ronnie searches for an anniversary gift.

Guest Starring: Lynette Curran as Meg

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Melissa Jaffer as Lily, Joel Edgerton as Pierce, Barry Quin as Kroger, Chris Mayer as Businessman #1, Justin Green as Businessman #2, Brian Langsworth as Clark, Stuart Lumsden as Drunk Guy, Jai Kemp as Courier #1, Jason Low as Courier #2, Jim Cullington as Jeremy, John Keightley as Doctor

Coming To Terms

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Episode 1.09
Written by Annette Moore
Directed by Mike Smith

Chris and Robbie panic when their son Jack goes missing. They spend a few anxious hours searching before he turns up on Chris' doorstep, wanting to live with his dad now. Robbie's suspicions that Jack is unhappy about the new man in her life have been confirmed.

Chris brings his son to Big Sky for the day but he stows away on a plane that crashes in the outback. Scotty and Lexie transport a pair of endangered frogs and a skydiving crow. Jimbo's pesters his colleagues hoping to find the ideal seating arrangement for his dinner party.

Guest Starring: Joshua Smith as Jack Manning, Peter Gwynne as Clem

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Roxane Wilson as Robbie, Allegra Hartford Davis as Chloe Manning, Peter Ford as Man, Michael Coe as Matt, Lisa Bailey as Kate, Tailith Hughes as Jennifer, Mark Slocum as Controller, Simon Van Der Stap as Ambulance Driver, Jacqui Hall as Sister, Fenella Dobson as Mother

Balloon Girl

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Episode 1.10
April 08, 1997
Written by Gregor Jordan
Directed by Tony Tilse

Jimbo dreams of a woman in a hot air balloon, and is astounded to meet her in real life. Smitten, Claire also quickly develops feelings for him and their whirlwind relationship takes off. Sharing a love of flying, Claire takes Jimbo for a balloon ride and reveals her wish to have a large family.

Lauren decides to pursue her pilot's license but Chris, her instructor, is the one who comes under scrutiny for having an invalid license forcing him to resit his test. Tired of getting all the menial jobs, Scotty jumps a the chance to pass them on to a work experience student who excels at everything.

Guest Starring: Ling-Hsueh Tang as Claire

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Brendan Higgins as Brian Chambers, Abraham Forsythe as Damien, Andrew Forsythe-Jones as Clerk, Brian Tierney as Engineer, James Armstrong as Controller, Mary Docker as Receptionist

Note: Ling-Hsueh Tang's first known acting role

The Duke of Yarragul

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Episode 1.11
May 13, 1997
Written by Anthony Ellis
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Scotty is having a bad day. First his girlfriend Jen tells him she's leaving him for another woman. Then the angry producer of a film he's flying props and rushes for accuses him of running cocaine to the cast and crew and threatening the whole shoot.

When Chris lands at a bird sanctuary, he is placed under arrest by the gun-wielding owner, the self-appointed head of an independent city state, who intends to hold him for a million dollar ransom all so he can get on the news.

Guest Starring: William Zappa as Bob, Anne-Louise Lambert as Jean Friedrich, Susie Porter as Tracy

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Luciano Martucci as Editor [Quentin], Paul Goddard as Jeff, Tina Thomsen as Jen, Sandie Lillingston as Jade, Matt Potter as Group Leader, Julia Zemiro as Police Officer #1, Adam Hedditch as Police Officer #2, Phillip Hogan as Technician, David Hardy as Production Assistant, Debrah Algar as Nurse, Luke Trenwith as Captain Ferocious, Dion Horstmans as Pirate Baddie, Misha Drenkovski as Wench, Dominique Chionchio as Changing Actress

Note: Julia Zemiro's first known acting role

Great Expectations

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Episode 1.12
April 15, 1997
Written by Greg Millin
Directed by Helen Gaynor

Lauren is about to secure a contract flying prized Yellow Fin tuna from the south coast to connect with international flights to Tokyo, when a practical joke grounds Chris' plane, putting the deal in jeopardy.

Feeling that Chris isn't giving him a fair shot at advancing his career, Scotty leaves Big Sky for an airline run by Chris' rival. Jimbo shuttles a group of beautiful young women on a fashion tour of country towns. When the organiser is struck down, Jimbo is pressed into service as emcee.

Guest Starring: Phillip Gordon as Eddie, Noeline Brown as Never Pat

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Yvette Duncan as Marcella, Jemma Wilks as Sasha, Jane Meikle as Kylie, Winny Tong as Suki, Peter Corbett as Gazza, Silvio Ofria as Massimo, Michael Curran as Engineer, Greg Ellis as Mechanic, Jason Colby as Simon

Sweet Revenge

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Episode 1.13
April 22, 1997
Written by Susan Bower
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Love is in the air at Big Sky. Lexie and Lauren discover they have not only fallen for the same guy but that he used them to carry out a robbery. The women set a trap for the traitor only to find themselves trapped.

Guest Starring: Paul Chubb as Detective Cook, Sandy Winton as Rob

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Benj Daddario as Accomplice, Stuart Fenton as Tony (TRG), Johnny Sorcevski as Con (TRG), Simon Mills as Security Guard, Stephen Hayden as Undercover Cop #1, Gary Brandli as Undercover Cop #2

Mortal Stakes

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Episode 1.14
April 29, 1997
Written by Rhett Walton
Directed by Helen Gaynor

Jimbo and Lexie take shots of a waterfront mansion from a helicopter. Next door, a politically sensitive meeting is taking place. Later, the Big Sky office and both Lexie's and Jimbo's flats are all ransacked and the photos stolen. Fortunately Lexie has made copies, and she and Jimbo study them to see what makes them so hot.

Chris and Lauren accompany a client, a friend of her father, to a poker tournament where Chris is invited to join a high-stakes private game. When Chris loses their plane, Lauren goes shark-hunting to win it back and take down the man who ruined her father.

Guest Starring: Bryan Marshall as Harry

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Damian Pike as Terry Bradshaw, Phillip Hinton as Sinister Man, Brian Harrison as Ian Drake, Jack Mayers as Rob, Craig Ball as Leon, Marcus Schultz as Player One, Fiona Seres as Player Two, Kerry Barlow as Lissa Page, Gordon Rutter as Tony

Note: the first of very few acting credits for Fiona Seres who went on a career as a television screenwriter

The Sky Is Calling

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Episode 1.15
May 06, 1997
Written by Tracey Trider-Doig
Directed by Tony Tilse

When Lauren insists Chris takes a wealthy woman for flying lessons he is less than impressed. But Gillian is friendly, timid and self deprecating. He's disappointed when she ends the lessons abruptly. Not long after she resurfaces, determined to pick up where she left off. She flees her controlling husband in Chris' plane when the pair are accused of having an affair forcing Chris to talk her through her first solo landing. Scotty's estranged father makes contact for the first time in fifteen years hoping to step back into his son's life. The reunion is ruined when Scotty is dragged into his father's latest caper. Jimbo shares a magazine quiz with his coworkers.

Guest Starring: Anne Tenney as Gillian Masters, John Diedrich as Dennis

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Jeff Truman as Allan Masters, Des James as Mr Sullivan, David Anthony as First Man, James Armstrong as Controller, Craig Blair as Gary

Mile Low Club

Episode 1.16
May 27, 1997
Written by
Directed by

The death of a pilot, Stew, that he trained with throws Jimbo. It is the second death in eighteen months and even Jimbo's teflon coating can't protect him any more. He has a dream about flying his mate to heaven, where his mate tells him he's next in line for "the mile low club".

Guest Starring:

With: John Sheerin as Ronnie, Loretta Brades as Anna, T'mara Buckmaster as Maxine, Melanie Harris as Gothic Woman, Mike Miller as Controller, Felicity Price as Kirstie, David Sandford as Stew,

Simple Twist Of Fate

Episode 1.17
May 20, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Accompanying Lauren to an aviation do, Chris is attracted to Kate Vernon, the PR person for the venue. Kate and Chris enjoy a joy flight next day, during which he learns her husband died recently. Attraction builds to a kiss, and they arrange a date for that night.

Guest Starring:

With: Helene Joy as Kate Vernon, Wendy Playfair as Mrs. Toohey


Episode 1.18
June 03, 1997
Written by
Directed by

It's Friday 13th and nobody is around, so Big Sky is closed for the day. It also happens to be Lauren's birthday. Unfortunately, she spends it tied to a chair with Chris while Peruvian gangsters hold guns on them.

With: Brandon Burke as Jerry, Pippa Grandison as Angel, Rohan Michael as Constable, Franko Milostnik as Carlos, Danny Nash as Alan, Steve Rodgers as Ross, Fred Rouady as Nicos, Roy Simper as Marco, Roy Spinola as Luis

Mac's Time

Episode 1.19
June 10, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Jimbo meets up with an old school friend, Mac, in the street, and is stunned to witness a robbery, Mac being the driver of the getaway car. Jimbo agonises over whether to dob his mate in or not, when Mac turns up at the base.

With: Eleni Batley as Cheryl, Eddie Birbara as Service Station Manager, Charles Conway as Bystander, Tom Cross as Shop Owner, Kelly Dale as Mac McLoughlin, Laurie Foel as Pauline Davies, Chris Mitchell as Bandit #2, Tony Morgan as Police Officer, Christopher Morris as Dave, Chantel Munro as Reservations Clerk, Andrew Tighe as Duncan, Roxane Wilson as Robbie, Putu Winchester-Stanton as Bandit #1

Fly Me To The Moon

Episode 1.20
July 15, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Carrying a load of money back to Sydney from a country race track, Chris receives an odd distress call from nearby. He diverts and lands. Suddenly lights blind him. Through them he sees the silhouettes of small creatures behind the brush. He passes out and awakes to discover the money has been stolen.

With: Troy Carlson as Shane, Jodie Dry as Detective Gemma Hall, Kazuhiro Muroyama as Kenzo, Miki Oikawa as Noriko, Anthony Phelan as Detective Bill McDonald, Andrew Thomson as Security Guard

It's No Secret

Episode 1.21
July 01, 1997
Written by
Directed by

The day to day hassles of trying to run Big Sky with too little capital are taking their toll on Lauren. And when she has a brush with her old life, in the form of rich and handsome Angus Galloway and two of her girlfriends, she is left ruing what she has lost.

With: Kate Agnew as Stephanie Taylor, Matt Cain as Elvis Impersonator #1, Amanda Crompton as Margot, Vanessa Fallon as Celia, Ray Hawkins as Elvis Impersonator #2, Matt Jennings as Air Traffic Controller, Brendan McKensy as Child Elvis, John Sheerin as Ronnie, Lisa Steuerwald as Marilyn Monroe Impersonator, Christopher Stollery as Angus Galloway, David Woodley as Kerry Taylor

Boxed In

Episode 1.22
June 17, 1997
Written by
Directed by

A fight between Chris and Lauren escalates to the point where Chris resigns at the same moment as Lauren sacks him. He is surprised to discover she has taken his action seriously and hired a new chief pilot, Jane

With: Col Angus as Chicka Walker, Craig Blair as Gary, Chris King as Barman, Anna Lise Phillips as Melanie, Mary Regan as Jane Grenfell, John Sheerin as Ronnie, Nancy Tarran as Mrs. Amy


Episode 1.21
June 24, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Scotty and Lexie make an emergency landing in a remote area. Injured, they are taken in by a hippy community of women. They discover their presence in the seemingly idyllic society has upset the status quo.

With: Madeleine Blackwell as Jacinda, Rand Hennessy as Melbourne Controller, Rosey Jones as Lily, Gabrielle Link as Wendy, Jessica Machin as Skye, Scott McGregor as Owner, Jon Pollard as Frank Reid, Helen Scott as Pam McWilliam, John Sheerin as Ronnie, Joshua Smith as Jack Manning, Leeanna Walsman as Rachel, Simon Westaway as Luke, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning

The Return Of Jimbo James

Episode 1.23
July 08, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Jimbo runs into an old girlfriend, Jodie, and is stunned to learn he is her young son Max's father. Jimbo is sceptical, given he's been told he is infertile. However, Jodie's insistence there was no-one else at the time, and Jimbo's desperate hope there is a chance he can have children, quickly leads him to accept Max as his.

With: Noel Hodda as Doug Mathews, Sharyn Hodgson as Jodie Turner, Sebastian Huber as Max Turner, Matt Juarez as Tim, Lloyd Morris as Graham, John Rohan as Principal, John Sheerin as Ronnie Sherman

Future, Past And Present

Episode 1.25
July 22, 1997
Written by
Directed by

An old man, Fred Morgan, dies on Jimbo's plane. Using clues garnered from a trunk Frank was to collect, Jimbo and Chris unravel Fred's story. This involved a bank robbery, a treasure buried for twenty years, the "Wall of Death" motorbike and various other circus tricks and characters and finally, the revelation that Fred was in fact Jimbo's grandfather.

With: David Baldwin as Alfonso, Blazey Best as Anna, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Gregory Dale as Priest, John Flaus as Bert Williams, Sheila Kennelly as Betty, Andrew James Mead as Clerk, John Noble as Graham James/Morgan, Harry Pavlidis as Vince, Wyn Roberts as Fred Morgan

The Ticking Croc

Episode 1.26
July 29, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Chris is hurt. Robbie has rejected his proposition that they go out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Feeling left behind and forgotten by his ex-wife, Chris takes his feelings out on Scotty.

With: John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Ken Gladstone as Clergyman, Germaine Glancy as Greta Bowman, Desmond Kelly as Harry Bowman, Richard Rowe as Sergeant, John Tutt as Ron, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning

Down The Slot

Episode 1.27
August 05, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Lexie flies to a coal mining town. With their wives away shopping in the city, the miners have run amok. Three of them have lost a bet, to be paid off by flying naked to the beach. Meanwhile Jimbo and Scotty, each convinced they know more about women than the other, end up betting on who can score a date with Lauren first.

With: Emma Callaghan as Janelle, Judith Chaplin as Viv, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Richard Cotton as Arch, Brett Fellows as Dave, Paul Gleeson as Steve, Keith Holloway as Arnie, Andrew Hunter as Warwick, Alfie Lee as The Wasp, Marin Mimica as Nigel, Carmel Mullin as Maeve, Veronica Neave as Marge, Ben Tari as Ricky

Have A Little Faith

Episode 1.28
August 12, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Jimbo is flying when one of his engines gives out, and then the other. He tries everything to get them going, to no avail. As he plunges to earth, prayer seems the only option. Suddenly, the engines kick back in. To Jimbo it's a miracle.

With: John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Lewis Fitz-Gerald as Tom, James Gleeson as Gavin, Kim Knuckey as Detective, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Harry Pavlidis as Vince, 'Cowboy' Bob Purtell as Ted, Raj Ryan as Andrew, Dan Smith as Baz, Rod Zuanic as Billy

You Must Remember This

Episode 1.29
August 19, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Chris wakes in a strange room on a farm, unsure of how he got there. A woman informs him that they are husband and wife. Chris struggles to regain his memory, despite the efforts of the two women living there to keep him in the dark.

With: Andrew Buchanan as Murray Chapman, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, John Grant as Ben, Chris Herden as Detective Dawson, Rebecca Hobbs as Jane Leighton, Chris King as Barman, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Don Reid as Ray Cockburn, Monroe Reimers as Mr. Razak, Helen Thomson as Tessa Coburn

The Right Thing

Episode 1.30
August 26, 1997
Written by
Directed by

On a routine run, Chris discovers major environmental damage to an area of wetlands. Locals attribute the problem to any number of causes, all legally sanctioned and permitted. Chris frustration grows when he meets a little girl who has a fatal illness as a result of the pollution.

With: Robert Alexander as Father Stephen, Nick Atkinson as Brother Luke, Ian Bolt as Dr. Jacobs, Christie Brown as Kirsty, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Guennadi Doubinski as Mikhail, Vanessa Downing as Danielle Morgan, Alan Lovell as Dave Morgan, Ian McGuinness as Brother Mitch, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Rostislav Orel as Sergei, Hugh Sexton as Robert

Fade To Black

Episode 1.31
September 02, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Chris damages an eye playing with his kids, and tries to ignore the resulting obstructed vision. Knowing he's unfit to fly, Chris reschedules jobs until he is backed into a corner over accompanying Paula on a job, confessing his problem to Lauren the only other option.

With: John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Allegra Hartford Davis as Chloe Manning, Suzanne Dudley as Dr. Morrison, Murray Fahey as Mr. Plummer, Alan Fowler as Sergeant Lawrence, Richard Healy as Mr. Hammond, Brendan Higgins as Brian Chambers, Glenn Keenan as Mr. Andrews, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Joshua Smith as Jack Manning, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning

Blind Spot

Episode 1.32
September 09, 1997
Written by
Directed by

After Chris is diagnosed with a detached retina, he enters surgery but rejects laurens attempts to comfort him. When Chris is given the all clear for his operation he initiates a romance between Lauren and himself. Meanwhile Scotty dates an older married woman.

With: John Allen as Gordon Prescott, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Cormac Costello as Vic Beecher, Venetia Ilda as Nurse, Mick Innes as Max, Tara Morice as Linda, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Steven Vidler as Cameron, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning

Take A Chance

Episode 1.33
September 16, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Shay is happily planning an upcoming trip to Bali with her girlfriends… her first trip overseas. But plans are put aside when her father has a heart attack; and his drugged ramblings, mixed with inconsistencies with her birth certificate, make Shay realise that she's adopted.

With: Antonio Barlin as Bartender, Valerie Berry as Nurse, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Blaise Cooper as Clerk, David Downer as Grant Holdsworthy, Lucy Egger as Sarah, Tiana Fahey-Leigh as Annie, Michelle Fornasier as Donna, Josh Irving as Jamie, Stephen Leeder as Robert, Elspeth MacTavish as Dawn Da Silva, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Barry Quin as Simon Kroger, Damien Ryan as Alan, Helen Scott as Pam McWilliam

The Choice

Episode 1.36
October 07, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Scotty lands to offer assistance at a car accident on a deserted road. He finds two men, one unconscious and cuffed, the other an undercover cop in a hurry. Scotty wants to fly the crim to hospital but the cop Joe demands he fly to Wonegai Homestead where a fellow undercover cop is in peril. Shay meets her biological mother for the first time. Jimbo gets involved with an actress while Chris and Lauren start fighting.

With: John Clayton as Roley, Damien Foley as Joe Carson, Marta Kiec-Gubala as Carol Krajicek, Steve Le Marquand as Bill Madigan, Rocky McDonald as Magnus, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Rosie Owens as Waitress, Karen Rushworth as Sam Carson, Glen Shea as Marshall, Chris Simpson as Taxi Driver, Christine Stephen-Daly as Simone MacIntosh, Rosemary Traynor as Dianne, Garry Who as Ivan

Wishing And Hoping

Episode 1.35
September 30, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Jimbo is seduced and then double-crossed by a troubled woman. Lauren is convinced she is in love with Chris only to be disappointed. Shay searches for her biological mother. Scotty lands to offer assistance at a car accident. He finds two men, one unconscious and cuffed, the other an undercover cop in a hurry.

With: Michael Cinquetti as Constable, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Steve Cox as Barman, Scott Ferguson as Cop #1, Rachel Gordon as Tara Brown/Lisa, Lenny Kovner as Old Man, Richard Lindsell as Cop #2, Colin Moody as Vince Brown, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Peter Pitcher as Ray, Meg Rodgers as Woman

Searching For You

Episode 1.34
September 23, 1997
Written by
Directed by

A very distraught woman, Shelley, appeals to Shay to help her escape from what appears to be a case of domestic violence. Touched by her dilemma, Shay organises for her to go with Jimbo and Lexie. Shelley asks them to take her to her sisters house in Merimbula, a nearby coastal town. Shay decides to find her biological parents. Meanwhile Lauren did not get the job.

With: Josephine Barrett as Police Woman, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, David Downer as Grant Holdsworthy, Rhondda Findleton as Shelly Martin, Tara Jakszewicz as Lucy, Stephen Leeder as Robert, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Stephen Rae as Mr. Johnson, David Roberts as Pete Martin, Grant Ryan as Donnie Petrocelli, Helen Scott as Pam McWilliam, Scott Swalwell as Justin, Bob Swonnell as Bob, Harriet Wilson as Baby Gemma Martin

Dark Horses

Episode 1.37
October 14, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Paula and Lauren have a flutter at a country picnic race and win. The local bookie tries to refuse paying out the sizeable amount, until Lauren threatens to go to the police. The locals are clearly unhappy about out of town blow ins cleaning them out. Jimbo is put in charge while chris and lauren are away, Shay gives her mum a birthday present. Chris gets jealous over his ex-wife's new boyfriend.

With: Roy Billing as Bob the Bookie/Barman, Jo Briant as Patricia, Alan Chappell as Neal, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Allegra Hartford Davis as Chloe Manning, Leslie Dayman as Philip, Phillip De Carle as Man, Jo Ellicott as Receptionist, Fiona Harris as Attendant, Lynden Jones as Elwood Employee, Marta Kiec-Gubala as Carol Krajicek, Peter Kowitz as Warwick, Archer Lyttle as Danny Craig, Robert Noble as Johnny, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Peter O'Brien as Tom, Barry Pearce as Customer, Tonia Peppitt as Barmaid, Charles Ryder as Markham, Joshua Smith as Jack Manning, Rob Steele as Terry, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning

Edge Of Reality

Episode 1.38
October 21, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Lauren is shocked to see a man that looks like her supposedly dead father, getting into a limousine. She is further puzzled when the limo company tells her the car was hired by a Mr D Allen. Chris laughs it off as a strange coincidence, but is himself convinced when he gets a phone call from Duncan telling him he is alive and he's okay, but they're not to act on the information for 24 hours.

With: Daniel Bird as Detective, John Clark as Manani, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Robert Davies as Duncan Allen/John Desmond, Graham Harvey as Price, Malcolm Kennard as Larsen, Mark Kounnas as Duffy, Julieanne Newbould as Nicola Stanhope, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Peter O'Brien as Tom, Ken Radley as Hooks, Ken Senga as Sakato, Roxane Wilson as Robbie, Warwick Young as Guard

Just Between Us

Episode 1.39
November 04, 1997
Written by
Directed by

Scotty is given the unexpected job of transporting a dead body and is terrified when it starts making noises mid-air, unaware this is normal. Jimbo enjoys Scotty's discomfort, who is furious with landing such a lousy job.

With: John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Kim De Lury as Steve, Celia Dickinson as Ann, Paul Doyle as Chemist, David Grocholsky as Jason, Stephen Jenner as Simmonds, Scott Johnson as Nick, Nina Liu as Jasmina, Danielle Long as Michelle, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, Ken Snodgrass as Man, David Terry as Laurie, Sue Walker as Monica, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning

Phase Five

Episode 1.40
November 04, 1997
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Chris is shocked when man leaps to his death during a flight, Chris narrowly missing being able to save him. About his own age and stage in life, Chris is haunted by the man`s similarity to himself, compounded by his discovery of a suicide note expressing similar mid-life regrets that Chris is feeling.

With: Alastair Barns as Paul, Businessman, John Paul Bolton as Adrian, John Clayton as Roland 'Roley' Watson, Allegra Hartford Davis as Chloe Manning, Brad Haynes as Conroy, Danielle Nuss as Paula Niessen, David O'Connor as Mac, Brian Rooney as Jigger, Bruce Samazan as Keiren, Roxane Wilson as Robbie Manning