Produced by Southern Star Xanadu is association with Network Ten Australia

Producers: Sandra Levy, John Edwards

Aired: 1997, 1999

Every day is an adventure for the pilots at Big Sky Aviation. A high-spirited bunch to start with, they can't help but relish the kind of job that sees them one day flying to a medical emergency on a remote property deep in the outback, the next on a tricky city mission and another soaring over some of the most beautiful tropical coastline in the world.

At the heart of the little operation is chief pilot Chris Manning, determined to look after his team — even if that means conflict with the new boss, Lauren Allen, who has inherited Big Sky Aviation following the death of her father. Also in the team are 22-year-old Scotty Gibbs, who, with the arrogance and naivety of youth, frequently ends up in trouble and is regularly joined there by Jimbo James, an excellent pilot, but an exceedingly laid-back, absent-minded individual. Lexie Ciani occasionally despairs of them both, but, then again, she's still so thrilled to be a pilot, she can forgive anything. And helping them all from the ground is Shay McWilliam, capable, rather then super-efficient, who never shies away from saying exactly what she thinks.

Gary SweetChris Manning
Alexandra FowlerLauren Allen
Rhys MuldoonJimbo James
Martin HendersonScotty Gibbs
Lisa BaumwolLexie Ciani
Robyn CruzeShay McWilliam
Danielle NussPaula Niessen
Tim CampbellBlake Wallace
Billie BrownLightfoot
Roxane WilsonRobbie Manning
John SheerinRonnie Sherman
John ClaytonRoley Watson
Peta BradyRosie Day
cast photo

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