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Wood feeling blue

EIGHTH time lucky? John Wood doesn’t seem to think so.

It seems all these years of missing out on the Gold Logie has made the Blue Heelers favourite a bit cynical.

“It’s the same people I was up against last time and the time before, except for Delta [Goodrem] and she is the flavour of the month.

“I don’t know how much TV she has done,” Wood said.

“If I was the editor of TV Week, I know who I would want on the cover of my mag with the Gold Logie,” Wood said.

“I think it’s a foregone conclusion, so I don’t need a speech,” he said.

It seems Wood would prefer the voting process to be based on the critics’ opinion and not the public.

“It’s a pity it’s a popularity poll rather than something that does celebrate excellence,” Wood said.

“[Delta] is so popular at the moment, she will get the popular vote and the sympathy vote. The rest of us might as well not go,” he said.

Wood said he had attended every Logies ceremony since he was on Rafferty’s Rule back in the ‘70s. He won a Logie for best supporting actor in 1976 for Power Without Glory.

“They were critics’ awards then. I also won a couple in the late eighties and then [Blue] Heelers has won about 20 or 30 . . . not that I’ve personally won any,” he said.

But he was trying to look at the bright side.

“I have been the most nominated,” he said.

“It’s a great honour to be nominated, it’s amazing given the amazing popularity of that girl . . . that anybody voted for me is extraordinary.”

April 17, 2004
The Daily Telegraph

Wood lashes Logies

BLUE Heeler John Wood hasn't held back in his opinion of Sunday's Logies telecast.

"I thought it was a pretty lacklustre night," Wood said on Nova's brekky show yesterday.

"I thought it ended up just being a massive promo for Channel 9, which I thought was a bit irritating, because I'm under the impression they're supposed to be industry awards. I found that a bit annoying, but I'm not angry about not winning.

"There is a bit of a concern I think that the venue and the network and the magazine are all owned by the one company.

"It would seem to me that we would be much better to get an independent organisation to do them."

April 22, 2004
Herald Sun