Produced by Southern Star Entertainment
in association with Ruby Entertainment

Original Concept: Chris Warner and Maurenn McCarthy
Series Creators: Jutta Goetze & Elizabeth Coleman
Executive Producers: Miranda Dear, Amanda Higgs
Producers: Stephen Luby, Mark Ruse
Writers: Jutta Goetze & Elizabeth Coleman
Directors: Paul Moloney and Mandy Smith
Original Music: Niko Schauble

Airing: 2008, 2010-2011 (ABC)

Louisa Atherton (Kerry Armstrong) is 49-years-old and to date has lived a privileged and superficial life. When her wealthy husband Jack drops dead in the arms of another woman, Louisa thinks things can't get worse - until she discovers that he's left her bankrupt. Louisa is forced to go back to her tiny home town, Rainbow's End, with her tail between her legs. As she re-negotiates her relationships with her prickly mother Minna (Julia Blake) and recalcitrant kids, she learns to understand herself for the first time in her life. Louisa also comes to realise that her small town's history will play a vital role in her future.
Kerry ArmstrongLouisa Atherton
Julia BlakeMinna Franklin
Caroline GillmerMarg Braithwaite
Hanna Mangan-LawrenceHolly Atherton
Jay Laga'aiaNick Pickering
Andrew S. GilbertGavin Braithwaite
Dave ThorntonShannon Atherton
Cameron McKenzieGregg Russell
Tim PhillippsSean Smithwick
Matt LevettSean Smithwick
Dina PanozzoGemma O'Reilly
Kallista KavalWendy Watt
HaiHa LeRita Lim
Richard DaviesRooster McIver
Dave ThorntonShannon Atherton
Frank MagreeMarty Mason
Geoff MorrellTibor Havel

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