An official Australian/Canadian co-production

An Alliance-Atlantis / Coote Hayes Production
in association with Tribune Entertainment and Endemol Entertainment

Based on the novel "The Beastmaster" by Andre Norton

Executive Producers: Sylvio Tabet, Jeffrey Hayes and Greg Coote

Aired: 1999–2002

"It is a land of myth, magic and the untamed. It is the time of Dar, a dethroned prince with a mystical gift—the unique ability to communicate with wild animals and share their powers. When evil villains destroy his village and kidnap his childhood sweetheart, Kyra, he embarks on a relentless quest to find her and to restore peace to a barbaric land. At his side are his young friend Tao, and his faithful animal companions—Sharak the eagle, Ruh the tiger, and Kodo and Podo, two mischievous ferrets. BeastMaster follows their incredible odyssey into a legendary, mythical realm where anything is possible."
 Daniel GoddardDar, the Beastmaster
 Jackson RaineTao
CanadianMonika SchnarreSorceress
CanadianDylan BierkSorceress (series 2)
 Steven GrivesKing Zad
 Marjean HoldenArina
 Grahame BondThe Ancient One (series 1-2)
 Emilie De RavinCurupira, the Demon (series 1-2)
 Natalie MendozaKyra (series 1)
 David PatersonKing Voden (series 2)
 Sam HealyIara, the Demon (series 2)
 Mark LeeHjalmar (series 2)
 Marc SingerDartanus (series 3)
 Ivar KantsSlythius (series 3)
 Dominic PurcellKelb (series 3)

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