Barrumbi Kids: episode guide

The Burn Off

Episode 1
November 18, 2022
Writer: Danielle Maclean
Director: Grant Brown

Best friends Tomias and Dahlia decide to skip school and find themselves with no choice but to fight fire with fire.

Main Cast (all episodes): Nick Bonson as Tomias, Caitlin Hordern as Dahlia, Penelope Thomas as Lizzie, Frances Djulibing as Caroleena, Finn Treacy as Gordon, Adrienne Pickering as Lucy, Sherona Tiati as Jojo, Zeallion Andrew as Sonny, Ronan Bonson as Joshua, Serene Yunupingu as Mavis, Jacob Junior Nayinggul as Japulala, Stephen Mahy as Michael, Christopher Sommers as Mr Armstrong, Justine Clarke as Mrs Armstrong, Sophia Emberson-Bain as Miss Wilson, Scott Hall as Sandy

With: none

Gordon's Boat

Episode 2
November 25, 2022
Writer: Fin Edquist
Director: Justin Schneider

Three turns out to be a crowd when the new kid in town, Gordon, comes between best friends Tomias and Dahlia.

With: none

Big Barra Bonanza

Episode 3
December 02, 2022
Writer: Fin Edquist
Director: Grant Brown

Tomias and Dahlia ditch Lizzie and set out to catch the prize barramundi but a hungry saltwater crocodile has other ideas.

With: Peter Lindsay as Store Clerk, Ashlyn Forbes as Rena, Kamahhi Djordon King as Radio DJ

Actual Reality

Episode 4
December 09, 2022
Writer: David Woodhead
Director: Grant Brown

While out on-country doing a VR film shoot, Tomias, Dahlia and Gordon soon find actual reality colliding with virtual reality when things don’t go to plan and they find themselves stranded.

With: Lorraine Bennett as Ruby, Gloria Lane as Old Person 1, Irene Kelly as Old Person 2

The Festival

Episode 5
December 16, 2022
Writer: Julia Moriarty
Director: Justin Schneider

With the Mandjarkkorl Festival fast approaching, Tomias and Dahlia just want to practice their new dance routine, but Tomias’s cultural responsibilities and Dahlia’s family responsibilities pull them in different directions. They both soon realise that getting what they want doesn't feel as satisfying when it comes at a cost to others.

With: Daniel Wilfred as Uncle Leroy/Songman, Japulala Hall as Young Boy, Kamahi Djordon King as DJ, Johnson Kelly as Songman, Fabien (Bolmi) Sandy as Didjeridu Player 1, Brendan Asheley as Songman (2)

Dancers: Julie Ashley, Rita Cameron, Megan Malibirr, Sonya Ashley, Major Kennedy, Bruce Hall, Marsha Cameron, Augustina Kenney, Sasha Lindsay, Ashlyn Forbes, Brett Bush

Cracker Night

Episode 6
Writers: Stephen Abbott, Warren Coleman
Additional writer: David Woodhead
Director: Grant Brown

When Tomias and Dahlia find a box of crackers and decide not to hand them in things quickly get out of hand. Now Tomias and Dahlia must find a way to get Mandjakkorl's Cracker Night uncancelled and prove that they aren’t bad for each other.

With: Peter Lindsay as Store Clerk, Ashlyn Forbes as Rena, Johnson Kelly as Songman, Major Kennedy as Didjeridu player

Dancers: Brett Bush Scott Hall, Darius Bush, Japulala Hall

Speech Comp

Episode 7
Writers: Stephen Abbott, Warren Coleman
Additional writer: David Woodhead
Director: Izzy Khan

When Dahlia and Tomias pick the same topic for a school speech competition, their research leads them on a treasure hunt, revealing Dahlia's deeper connections to Mandjakkorl but also some great potential danger.

With: Matthew Thomas as Speech Judge 1, Deborah Brown as Speech Judge 2, Malcolm Hales as Speech Judge 3


Episode 8
Writer: Julia Moriarty
Director: Deborah Brown

When Tomias loses his cousin straight after he arrives back home for initiation ceremony, it fuels his own anxieties around boarding school, whilst Dahlia confronts her own purpose in Mandjakkorl.

With: Waylon Bulumbara as Reuben, Daniel Wilfred as Songman, Benjamin Wilfred as Songman 2, Andrew Wunungurr as Didjeridu Player

Dancers: Julie Ashley, Noreena Ashley, Rita Cameron, Charlene Hall, Gladys Malibirr, Bruce Hall, Japulala Hall

Free Range

Episode 9
Writer: Shontell Leah Ketchell
Director: Justin Schneider

When Tomias gets offered a place in a Melbourne Boarding School, he doesn’t know how to tell Dahlia, deciding instead to hide it from her, whilst the kids’ band together to free the town chickens, now locked up by Armstrong, an act that will be his undoing.

With: Peter Lindsay as Shopkeeper, Ray Ashley & Loretta George as Locals Collecting Mail, Dwayne Rosas as Local Collecting Eggs

Free the Chicken Activists: Shay Ladd, Max Alyson, Heather Mudal, Gladys Mallibirr, Elizabeth McDonald, Gladys, Gloria Lane, Esther Bulumbara, Jean Tiati


Episode 10
Writer: Danielle Maclean
Director: Justin Schneider

Tomias and Dahlia's friendship is in tatters but can a trip to a special place heal both them and country?

With: none