Produced by Matchbox Pictures

Created for television by: Amanda Higgs & Pip Karmel
Executive Producers: Debbie Lee, Alastair McKinnon
Executive Producers (Stan): Cailah Scobie, Amanda Duthie
Writers: Pip Karmel, Magda Wozniak
Director: Corrie Chen

Released: February 17, 2023 (Stan)

An emotionally and physically intense glimpse into the lives of teenage girls at the wilderness campus of an exclusive girls boarding school, the series takes us inside a brutal world, exploring latent and emerging sexuality, ritualistic rites, intense friendships, gruelling physical punishments, shifting loyalties and a ruthless struggle for power. Played out across past and present timelines, the series reveals that even ten years on from their school years, no one has escaped unscathed. Based on the book of the same name by Rebecca Starford. (4x55min)
Jana MckinnonJo Mackenzie
Markella KavenaghPortia
Yerin HaAlice
Erana JamesRonnie
Melissa KahramanBriohny
Tuuli NarkleMiss Lacey
Mantshologane MaileRuby
Daya CzepanskiSaskia
Syd ZyglerGabby
Abbey MorganEmma
Bronte LockeSarah
Malaynee HaydenLou
Jessica LuSimone
Dan SpielmanKeith MacKenzie
Diana GlennCaroline MacKenzie

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